How To Develop A Sales Funnel Strategy To Make Your Business More Successful


How is it possible to get random people to believe in what you’re selling and trust you enough to purchase those items? One marketer figured out the best way to make this happen was to set up a series of steps for the consumer to follow. Once they’ve followed through with each of those steps, they’d be directed to purchase the product, ultimately helping you land the sale and make that profit.

The system involved building awareness of the product, getting people interested, making the consumers desire what is being offered to them, and then getting them to act on that desire to own the product by finally making the purchase. There is even an abbreviation for this step-by-step system, which is known as AIDA. Although it’s a system that was once developed by a professional marketer a while ago, it’s something that is still used by many of the leading marketing professionals today.

It’s important to build a funnel system. One way to get that process started is to rely on social media. You must come up with a strategy that is going to work. The easiest way to determine if the strategy is going to turn out successful or not is to make sure it answers a lot of the different questions most of the consumers would have before they decide to put out any of their own money to buy the product. These are some of the things you should ask when you’re working hard on building your strategy:

– How easy is it for the consumers to find your business on some of the different social media sites?

– Are the consumers going to check out products that are a lot like the ones you’re offering but sold by the competition?

– What do you have to do to get them to make the purchase right now instead of later?

– How are you going to focus on increasing engagement and keeping in contact with the consumers?

– What are some of the different things you can do to encourage your followers to share information about your business and products to their friends and family?

Some marketers don’t follow such a thorough approach, which leads to less success with the social media strategy. You may notice there are lots of different YouTube stars who have large followings, but they’re not always good at selling products simply because they don’t spend enough time creating a sales funnel that answers the important questions people have and like to ask before they invest any of their money.

Some business owners have amazing websites that are carefully constructed and show off their products in the best way possible, but they lack any social media presence. As a result, they’re losing out on traffic and doing themselves a major disservice. If you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure you work your way through that sales tunnel to ensure you’re answering all questions and showing off what you have to offer in the best way possible.

It’s all about building awareness

You need to address the topic of building awareness for your business and brand. Decide how you’re going to increase awareness. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself by trying to take on every single tactic that is available, but these are just some of the things you can do to start building more awareness in no time at all.

– Plan out contests for social media
– Create engaging blog posts
– Create your own infographic with lots of valuable information
– Make Facebook-friendly content for the consumers to read
– Pay for advertisements on different sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
– Get in touch with people who have large followings and ask them to promote your products in exchange for free items.

Be prepared for the comparisons

Getting more attention is a good thing, but you’re going to need to be prepared for the comparisons consumers often make before they buy products. You’ve got to give the consumers reasons to buy products from you instead of a different company that is offering similar items.

– Encourage customers to leave reviews on social sites
– Ask customers to leave video reviews on some of the products they’ve tried and loved
– Be prepared to answer any questions on different social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook
– Pay for sponsored posts on Facebook

Reeling the customers in

The next step involves reeling them in and getting them to make the purchase right now instead of later. There are a few different ways to get this to happen.

– Offer contests to those who make a purchase right now
– Offer a special deal or future discount on a product for anyone who buys today
– Use timed ads
– Use advertisements via Facebook Messenger

Building a connection with your audience

Once you’ve managed to get the person to make the purchase, you want to keep them as a loyal customer who continues to buy products from your business instead of going to the competition for those items. So, what can you do to increase engagement and get them to come back for more?

– Use Facebook Live to answer any and all questions customers might have
– Create posts on Facebook and have them sponsored so that more people will see the posts
– Create a private group for customers to use to discuss products, review them, and ask questions when need be

Getting recommendations

Having loyal customers is great for business, but you want them to spread the word about your business and products to the people they love and care about the most because that will lead to more sales for you. There are different ways to encourage these customers to recommend your business to their loved ones.

– Ask customers to join the group for your business and add some of their friends to the group
– Offer a refer-a-friend promotional discount

There are some businesses who may choose to pay to get likes on their social media accounts, but that isn’t going to turn into real business, so it’s not something you should waste time doing. The best way for you to run a successful business is to optimize your website for conversions with a sales funnel that works. You want to gain new customers and keep them coming back for more while encouraging them to tell all the people they know about the business you run and the products you sell.

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