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Local SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Business can be of any type. From large to small all businesses can get more recognition through the implementation of SEO Services for their companies. However, for small and local companies SEO is a big thing that sometimes they make some mistakes while working with the same.

Local SEO is hard to achieve but far from impossible. So if you are a handling a local business and want to correct all the SEO mistakes you think you have done previously or have heard off. Here, is the list for those mistakes and the ways to make them right for your convenience.

1. Slow speed

If your website is all slow and takes more time to open, then you have a problem. This very problem will decrease the rank on SERP, and in other places as well. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, you will certainly be penalized by Google’s new algorithm. Think of your visitors too. As this is the age of advancement, and people are looking for fast things, in this very place, if your website takes its leisure time to open, you are doomed to fail. So you will certainly avoid failure and want to make your website better. Thus, you have to make sure that your website opens quickly and without wasting any more time.

2. Insufficient Customer Feedback

Business people often ignore this very part regarding customers. This feedback thing by customers is very useful for all time basis. If you think of yourself and think of buying a product from a site, you will always look for the comments and the rates of the previous buyers. You will hardly go for a product that has a lack of comments or any rates. So if you being a business person can go for this, so does so many other people. They look for the best feedbacks while they opt for buying something. These feedbacks and ratings help them to make the decision of buying. So you have to make sure to add a section, where your customers can give a feedback and give rates to your product.

3. Too Much Listing

Google is the place where all your ill work regarding business can be tracked and you get penalized for them. If you think you can put up various listing into Google, and get rid of the penalty, you are wrong. Google will penalize you for every duplicate listing you have entered there. There are so many people who check the density of the keywords, to check if their content has any stuffing of duplicate keywords, otherwise, it will be taken down or your site will be penalized for sure. To get rid of this you can do it all by yourself by logging in to Google my business profile and remove the duplicate thing from the place.

4. Stuffing of Keywords

You have to ensure that your content is all natural and unique as well. For that reason, you have to avoid the unnecessary stuffing of keywords into any of your content. This keyword stuffing then is a black hat process in SEO, and it needs to be avoided every time. If you are trying to get all of your keywords optimized this is far from the best and ethical way of doing so. So you have to take the time to optimize your keywords without stuffing them into one container.

5. Missing from Google My Business

If you have a local business, and you want your business to be recognized by people, you must enlist your business into Google my business. If you ignore this place, it will be hard for you to get any recognition, and people will be unable to find you when they are looking for any business near them. So in any case scenario, you have to be listed in Google my business profile, and you will see that customers are streaming at your gate, at the same time.

6. Content Problem

You must know that content is the king in the working method of SEO. So at any point, you have to provide the best, interesting and unique content. You have to make the content as helpful as you can. Your content should be far from unhelpful or interesting. You have to make sure you are writing a content that catches the eyes of various readers. Your content can be relevant to your business or you can always write on some totally irrelevant topic once n a while. However, all of it will depend on the craftsmanship you have behind each of the same.

7. Lack of Mobile-friendly Design

You have to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website at the side of your desktop view website. As you know, that almost everyone loves to search for their desired things on the website. So when people are on that, you have to be ready to provide the same for the sake of your business. You have to make a site that is mobile-friendly and serves your potential customers.

8. Lack of Categorization

If you have listed yourself in Google my business, but forgot to list your business in any specific category, then your business will fail to see the face of traffic on its business or have any potential customer. You have to ensure that your business is categorized properly. So that way people will be able to find you in a particular place and will be able to find your business. You must be in the local places with your business whenever the particular type is typed.

9. Missing Location in Keywords

If you are in local business and you have location missing in your keywords, then you’ve got a problem. It will become hard for your business to be found by the people who are looking a service similar to yours. You have to make sure that your local keywords have the name of the location attached to it. So when people go searching for a specific service in their area, they find you at the same time.

10. Away from Social Media

You must add social media to your business. If you think you can go on without it, it will be a great mistake of yours. SEO is important and so is SMM. SMO Services is the staple of every business these days, and so many businesses are flourishing with the touch of it. As people love to utilize their time into these platforms, they also like to browse through the ads in it. So you have to ensure that you have a profile in every social media platform, and you must post your ad, content, and images in it. It will help you get more traffic for your website, and get the best ROI than before.

Take note of the above-mentioned points on the mistakes of local SEO, and you will be able to correct them, as you understand the solution for the same, before you take any vital step for your business.


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