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List Of 2019 SEO Trends ( 9 Steps SEO Plans You Must Follow )

It has been several months post the beginning of 2019. Do you know top SEO trends and SEO strategy 2019 that will be workable in this new year? If you’re struggling to bring your competitor’s name below yours on the search result pages of Google, then it’s a time to take a quick look at what’s ahead for you in the field of SEO to emerge out big in 2019.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best SEO trends to follow and steps you should work upon to rank #1 in search engines, leave more space for immense future growth, and perform excellently overall.

Let’s dive straight in SEO trends 2019….

☞ Voice Search Will Still Dominate

According to research reports, more than half of online searches will be voice searches by 2020. Google states that 52% of speaker owners search details about offers, deals, discounts, and promotions on their devices. While only 39% of online users search for professional information. It is a clue that businesses, especially small ones should include Voice Search as key SEO strategy. In fact, it can also assist you to get viewed on top of the result pages by appearing on the featured snippet.

For example, when you ask Google ‘how to earn money online’ through voice search, you’ll see that Google delivers a box providing the answer of your question. This answer box is a featured snippet that appears on the top of result pages.

☞ Evergreen Content

Google algorithm updates in the last year 2018 revealed that search engine is now becoming more strict on content quality evaluation. It is estimated that level of quality content will increase in 2019. Creating content with facts & figures, how-tos, catchy headings, and answerable points help with link building and getting win you expect by making readers to take the desired action.

☞ AI & Chatbots

AI assistants and chatbots are changing the way to do business and providing a significant impact on the business bottom line. Google is also developing AI technology, that can converse with the audience along with providing them an ability to perform tasks without taking users help. Including AI technology as an imperative strategy helps with effective website automation and navigation, thereby improving customer’s journey on a site for maximized conversions.

☞ Live Video

Reports stated that video will contribute about 82% of all online traffic by 2021. It is believed that 1 minute video is worth 1.8 million words. 73% of B2B companies have gained positive ROI through video marketing campaign. Implementing live videos by e-commerce sites and retail companies has resulted in 30% conversion boost. The surprising fact is that about 80% of buyers watch live video from a brand rather than accessing information from text-based content. In fact, they spend 8x more time on live video (42.8 minutes) than on-demand content (5.1 minutes).

Live online video streaming helps draw the audience attention and develop brand authority by allowing more interaction with the customers in real time. Optimizing live video by adding keyword in its title, popular hashtags, relevant links, and impressive caption helps in keeping viewers interest throughout the video.

9-Steps SEO Plans And Strategies

You’ve got your SEO hands full with myriads of SEO tips for genuine results, but do you know from where you must start? By working on these actionable steps, you can efficiently survive in competitive online world.

1. Go deep in SEO to understand it in detail by determining what you’re doing, why you’re doing, what would be its result.

2. Find your targeted audience, understand their behavior, and determine how they speak to offer the same they expect from you.

3. Provide all forms of content including video, webinars, audio, articles, blogs, how-to guides, live chat, press releases, lists, and lots more on every channel your target audience hang out.

4. Go for the website audit to find out the factors that affect its ranking on SERPs such as image tags, meta descriptions, URLs, page titles, and etc.

5. Check the quality of backlinks you are getting because higher the quality of your backlinks, better your search engine ranking.

6. Optimize for On-Page search engine optimization and user intent.

7. Get listed on top local, national, and specific niche directory site, where your potential customers are looking for you.

8. Make technical SEO the main investment area, as Google gives much significance to a site’s security, speed, and other technical aspects while ranking it on result pages.

9. Evaulate the results of all strategies and work you have done so far. Use free dashboards to track your SEO progress. Social likes & shares, domain authority, page authority, page visits, conversions, returning users, mobile bounce rate, keyword ranking, quantity and quality of backlinks, organic search traffic, and page load speed score are some metrics that points to SEO.

So, there you have a complete detail of trends and strategies that help you dominate SEO in 2019. If you want to get more of 2019 SEO insights, then get in touch with industry-specialized SEO experts.


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