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How to Search Hidden Keywords That Attract High Traffic

You may agree to the fact that the types of keywords chosen to target a market is directly proportional to the success of SEO. Hence, if you target the wrong keywords, you won’t get the desired results. This is the reason why most of the SEO experts use tools like Google Keyword Planner and others to grab a group of keywords that could be used to reach the potential customers. However, since, all of them use the same tools; they end up getting the same keywords as well.

This way, the competition increases and it becomes difficult for the SEO experts to rank the website or any of the specific web pages. This specifically, isn’t very beneficial in a narrow niche. All of your competitors have consumed all the juicy keyword, leaving no new keyword for you. In such a case, you must search for some hidden keywords that may have a higher potential of attracting genuine traffic. Another great advantage is that your competitors might be unaware of these keywords.

So, here are some ways to find them –

1. Read Your Customer’s Mind

You can only reach out to your customers if and only if you understand their needs and know how exactly they think or search for certain things online. Real people do not search like ‘Executive Jobs London, Cheap Management Course’ etc.; they rather search like ‘which is the best management course after 12th, how to say hello to a girl’ etc. So, you need to know the difference. You can use brainstorming techniques by assuming that you do not know anything about the product or services.

What you should study about? –

What language would they be using to search for a specific product or service?
What type of phrases they may be using to search for a specific product or services?
What are the layman’s terms sued by the customers?

2. Communities and UGC Sites

UGC stands for user generated content and it is these types of sites and communities, which are considered to be the greatest resources of the hidden or untouched keywords. When the readers are unable to find a worthwhile content regarding their query, they switch to these types of sites to search for specific answers. So, it is advised to go through these sites and discover ton of keyword ideas that were undiscovered yet.

3. Customer Feedback

Feedbacks from customers serve as a way to communicate with the audience and can help you understand your customers better. It may also help you discover some amazing keywords to target. You can use a number of techniques, such as onboarding forms, autoresponders, on-site search and others to gain quality feedback from customers. Additionally, such techniques will help you understand the language they use to search for certain things online.

4. Popular Social Platforms

Last but certainly not the least; using different social platforms, you can discover a brilliant set of keywords that would attract your potential customers towards your brand. LinkedIn profiles and Facebook groups can be a great resource for you, as a major proportion of the content seems to be coming exclusively from users.

Ready to Compete?

In this competitive world, do not lose your spirit of competition. Consider these tricks and hunt for some untouched keywords that your customers have been searching actively. Initially, when you start the task, do not bother whether they deliver high search volumes or not; only concentrate on the topics which you have never thought of targeting previously.