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How to Nail Engaging Tweets in 280 Characters

Twitter is such a buzz in social media as most companies are using the platform to market their brands online. For over years now, Twitter has been coming up with ways in which individuals can make better use of the platform.

With the transitions from 140 to 280 characters usage, you can now have a good opportunity to market your brand to the public, but this requires you to be creative. To be a successful digital marketer, you must be up to date with the changes in the social media marketing.

Twitter as one of the commonly used social media platforms it keeps on mutating and redefining itself to incorporate the major changes in the industrial algorithms. Increasing the number of characters that one can post on the platform was a breakthrough to most Twitter users.

With this number of characters at your disposal; you can now reach a wider audience and send your message in a more précised and direct way.

Now, since most of us are struggling to economize the use of Twitter, and are not making use of the latest update on the platform, this article has been formulated to help you take advantage of Twitter in marketing your company brand.

The following are some of the ways that one can fully utilize Twitter’s character update:

1. Make Different Patterns

The Twitter update now allows you to use patterns in your posts. If the traditional ways of posting tweets are boring to you, you may consider using patterns. Be creative in your selection of patterns and ensure that you send the intended message to your target audience. Use visually attractive patterns to attract your audience attention on the spot.

It’s worth noting that your preferred pattern should be acceptable to your target audience. After all, the main reason you’re using the Twitter platform is to keep your current followers engaged and acquire new ones. Therefore, before you settle on any post pattern, find out if it will help you achieve your social media marketing objectives.

2. Use Emojis

Emojis allows you to use the least number of characters to send your message to the target audience. Emojis have gone on to become the fashionable global language in our promoting social world. Just like pictures and videos, an emoji is worth a thousand words. By the way, everybody likes using emojis to express their emotions on social media. In the past, the limited number of characters would not permit the use of emojis.

However, with the increment in the number of characters, you can now use the emojis. Generate attractive patterns using this tool and attract your audience attention in the simplest way. A good example of how to use emojis to create an attractive pattern is the tweets often posted by Nat Geo WLD.

Most social media users prefer interacting more with content with graphics than one without. Given the increment of characters, it’s wise to utilize emojis to produce highly engaging content for your social media content.

3. Use Multiple Languages

Using multiple languages in your tweets can help you reach a wider audience while still save on your characters. Typically, you can reach people from different races and regions in the world. Thus, it becomes easier to establish lasting connections with your prospects.

The latest invention on Twitter allows you to use multiple languages and avoid the hassles of translating your tweets. Implement the practice of multiple language tweets and help your multinational company to communicate to their wider market.

4. Give a Brief Illustration of Your Products and Services

Before twitter increased the number of characters from 140 to 280, most business owners could not define their products and effectively market their services to the public. Now it is very easy to provide all the required information for your product and services and market yourself with a single tweet.

A detailed post will help your audience understand your brand and products on offer. You can also offer simply informative posts that portray you as an expert in your preferred industry and niche.

5. Host Trivia And Quizzes

Effective interaction with your followers on any social media is the best way to maintain your reputation and a faithful audience. Make it a habit to post your tweets more often and keep your followers updated by using trivia and quizzes.

Trivia and quizzes increase your follower’s participation and help you improve your brand awareness. When your audience takes part in your quizzes, you tend to interact more and more.

Note that when coming upon with the trivia you have to be very creative. Let the trivia you are posting relate to your brand image. The audience must be free to comment on all your posts.

6. Use A Single Tweet To Cover Your Updates

Although threaded tweets still exist, it is important that you use a single tweet to cover all your updates. Single tweet updates inform the audience by issuing elaborate information. Also, your audience has exempted the hassle of having to check for the threaded tweets and get more information. Include both updates and breaking news on your products and services in a single tweet.

7. Give a Brief Illustration of Your Services

The 280 characters are enough to tell the whole world about your company. Give a brief and creative story about your company and try to connect with the audience. Just like Facebook, Twitter can also be used to post short stories that can build your brand image. Let the audience know about you by using this tool.

8. Show That You Care About Your Customers

Customers are the most valuable assets of any company. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms that most companies have been using to offer customer care services. You can communicate to your customers regularly by creating a Dedicated Support page on Twitter. Also, you can use direct messaging to pass important information to all your customers.

Not that customer are simply social beings and a simple caring gesture can turn them into your lasting fans. Besides, the chances that they will choose you over your competitors are very high.

9. Use CTAs to Redirect Your Audience

Including interesting CTAs in the tweet helps you generate more leads. Some of the leads can be redirecting your followers to your company website. You can use this tool to notify specific audience by mentioning the users who are part of your audience.


Twitter is an open social media platform that you can use to market your brand. You can work on an effective marketing strategy on Twitter by using some of the tricks and tips mentioned above. It is vital that you modify your tweets, be creative, précised, and engaging in everything you post. Briefly, try to be social in all your tweets and witness that change in sales.


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