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How The E-Commerce Industry Can Gain Hyper Growth Through Explainer Videos

Visual learning has become a trendsetter nowadays. Why not? When a compelling graphics along with a narrative describes your brand’s story while centralizing your customer-centric approach, your brand is likely to make a huge success with more sales. It’s all about eliminating the complexity from things to enhance the ease of understanding regarding one’s products and services. Though a number of marketing ways are present out there, organizations opt-in video marketing to get faster results. So many brands have stepped up from commonality by using videos as part of their marketing strategies. Creating a short video and fuel it with animated graphics, organizations to represent your brand to your target audience. No matter what services and products you offer, you are likely to leave an impression of your brand on the minds of your buyer personas through a marketing video.

If you are still not convinced, check out the following stats.

● In 2017, 74% of online traffic comes from video.
● Every 60 seconds in a day- a combined of 76 hours of a video is uploaded to youtube
● About 85% of business owns an in-house video production team.
● On an average business create 18 videos every month

The statistics reveal the impact of video marketing on the current market. According to recent research on explainer videos, by 2020, 70% of the total web content will be videos and visual, which means content marketing will be incomplete without videos. Moreover, videos will transform the way of communication between your brand and target audience.

Amongst all of the industries taking advantage of explainer videos, the e-commerce industry is leading the way. Using explainer videos and uploading it to different platforms help this industry to drive traffic.

If you are an e-commerce retailer and want to develop your brand’s proposition, check out the following points and understand how explainer videos can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Using Ecommerce Video Improves Conversions By 85%

According to a Tipping Point Labs report, by embedding videos in your site, you can improve your conversion up to 85%, which can increase click rate by 96% while reducing product returns by a quarter. If your website is devoid of traffic and you have been the victim of a high bounce rate, then go for explainer videos and see the magic. Using explainer videos will help you understand the fact that a short explainer video works far better in increasing traffic as compared to a 2000 words article. Organizations of any type and size can make videos part of their marketing strategy and generate legitimate traffic through them.

Tip: Make sure you optimize a video according to the guidelines of Google and the platform you will upload to so that it remains visible to your prospects.

Love For Educational Videos

Fashion freaks are always in quest for following the latest trends regarding clothes, accessories, and shoes to name a few. You can deliver a great shopping experience to shopaholics through explainer videos. How? Capture your customers’ attention by explaining to them what colors, patterns, and designs are in trend these days. You can even make a story and explain the quality of your products through cartoons in the video.

Do you know 30% of people shop online roughly once a month and 25% shopping online at least once a week?

Boost Your Traffic

With so many e-commerce giants trying to come to the forefront while offering almost everything online, consumers are likely to be lured to make a purchase. Without a killer Digital marketing Strategy, you cannot expect your audience to click on your products. You need to clear what you offer, what makes your stand out from your competitors, and how you guarantee quality in your products to your consumers. Probably, you cannot do this through graphics. Here comes the role of explainer videos to explain your vision and drive them to your website.

Moreover, with the rise of smartphones, people have stepped up from brick and mortar stores and even check prices online prior to a purchase. A 30% increase in the number of online shoppers is due to accessibility and convenience that online shopping provides along with solid marketing of commerce retailers.

With the increase in the number of online shoppers, competition has also increased manifold. You need to carve out of niche to stay ahead, and therefore, you need a solid marketing strategy like explainer videos to meet end goals.

They Are Engaging!

Funny characters, relatable situations and meaningful SEO content conveyed by the video’s story hooked viewers up with it. With your customer-centric approach, you can win hearts of your audience and turn them into customers. Want to generate leads? Make a convincing video that builds up the credibility of your brand.

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