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How Link Building Will Help In Top Google Rankings?

Google does not like things to be duplicate or low grade. Whenever you are planning to make your things visible on Google, make sure that you are providing original and quality. If we talk about Back links which is considered as one of the best methods for performing great SEO for making your search engine rankings high, the question to be raised is that is it possible that any kind of link will work? Can we share any kind of link to the website and Google will rank our website amongst the top?

Well the answer is No. Google will never allow you to form backlinks that are of low grade and do not provide any information to the readers. You are not supposed to make back links with the website that are popular but are not relevant. You are only allowed to make your back links with relevant website that are providing information similar to what you are providing to your customers.

Here in this post we will discuss how link building can help you in making your search engine rankings high. You have to take care of few points and you will be the king. So here we go.

1) – Find Out The Total Cost Of 10 Top Keywords For Your Business

Have the competition spirit and research out to find out the effective keywords for your business. Since the Google has removed their keyword tool you can try Links management free SEO cost calculator tool and can search for how many links do you need and how much will be the cost.

2) – Before You Start, Make a Plan

Yes it is always important to plan things first and then execute them. A successful planning is half battle won. If you are performing things just like that without planning you might harm your website very badly.

3) – Link Building Should Be Slow And Steady

When you are planning to follow the path of link building for improving your search engine rankings, make sure that you are making your links slowly and steadily. You do not have to be very fast. Because you have to look natural and natural processes are always slow and fruitful. Do not make Google think that you are making false linking just to improve your rankings.

4) – Always Create Back Links With Unique Anchor Texts And Keywords

People who use anchor text distribution formula are successfully reaching among the top 10 rankings. They were under progress in the SERPs after the Penguin update. Websites those ignored to this faced the consequences. After these type of Goggle updates a huge number of websites lost their good rankings because they were on the top because of bad link building techniques. The most important reason behind this was unnatural keywords and wrong distribution of the back links.

5) – Make Sure Your Link Is Surrounded By Good Quality Content

If it is possible for you then surround your link with keyword rich and attractive text that should compel people to visit the link. If you add your targeted keywords to the content it will work as a bonus for your website and your business.

6) – Try To Get Backlinks From Pages With a Variety Of Google Page Ranks

Only having links from the pages of high page rank will be suspicious for Google. Make sure that you are getting back links from variety of pages with a variety of page ranks. Moreover, most of your backlinks should come from Page Rank 0 and Page Rank 1 making it looks normal for the Google. Only 10% of your links should come from high page rank pages.

7) – Take Care About The On-Page Optimization

You cannot rank high if the on page optimization of your website is not good enough for Google to take your website as a good one. Make sure that you are choosing the right keywords and are making the best use of Meta tags for your on page optimization. For this you can:

● Prepare a sitemap for your website and upload it on Google.

● Optimize your website for specific and targeted keywords.

● Always keep the content on your website unique and updated.

So this is the strategy that you should follow for a proper link building program and it is sure that it will give you the desired results. There are many other factors too but these are some basic and necessary ones. Hire Affordable and quality SEO Services for your company if you really want your rankings to improve in the search engines.

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