5 Free Online Resources For Learning About Search Engine Optimization


Searching for the best ways to learn SEO? Don’t you have enough time to join SEO training classes regularly without disturbing your predetermined schedule? Not to worry. There is no need to go land-based institutes as you have online SEO resources that are providing the updated and relevant information absolutely for free.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn SEO

As a business owner, you want your website to become the point of attraction for people searching for products or services. But, how would you make this possible? How do you ensure that your site appears in specific search results? You need search engine optimization (SEO) as the active ingredient to spice up your online presence.

Some key reasons why you should learn SEO are listed below –

☞ How Search Engines Work?

Growth of a business largely depends on how successful your online presence is and how your product or service is visible on the internet. So, to rule the online world you need to understand how search engine works?

☞ Why SEO Is A Long-Term Investment?

SEO is a fruitful tactic that provides results on using the updated and proven techniques – on-page and off-page SEO for the long-term. Hence, if any company commits you to provide top ranking in 2-3 months with increased leads and boosted business, then don’t believe on it. SEO is a lengthy process and require at least 6 months in order to show quality results. Frequent updates of search engine algorithms lead to the need of evolving with new strategies all the time.

☞ How Search Engines Find Your Website?

In order to provide searchers with the most relevant and useful information for their individual queries, search engines have a comprehensive database of websites. Large search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use a process called indexing, in which they scan all sites for several factors before including in its database. Each search engine has distinct indexing and crawling process. To add a webpage or a site on the search engine indexing, there is a need to learn SEO.

☞ SEO Is A Foundation Of Your Growing Business

SEO contributes a lot in business growth. From creating the brand awareness, increasing customers’ base, generating more leads to improving business profitability, SEO helps in almost every aspect. No matter what the size and nature of your business is, you can experience the exceptional increase in revenue rate by getting organic traffic that much better converts into potential customers. But, remember that to reach specific audience, you have to use industry-specific keywords. For example, you must give value to Taxi SEO related keywords, if you’re optimizing a site for taxi business such as off-road taxi, airport taxi, rental, and etc.

☞ How To Rank On Google?

Ranking your site on top of the first search engine result page is not a childish game. There are so many ranking factors that you need to consider such as page speed, secured sites, social & local signals, optimized images, webpage content length, keyword research, webpage content quality, domain age, scheme markup, search intent, quality content, voice search, mobile friendliness, internal link structure, and more. To get detailed insight of things you need to rank on search engine, it is essential to learn new SEO strategy for 2019 at trusted online SEO resources.

5 Best Free Resources To Learn SEO Online

Time is a high speed rotating wheel that moves so fast. You have to keep a weekly track of proven SEO tips & tricks for the coming year, make guess for its successful implementation, and cross your fingers to increase quality website traffic and generate more leads.

Here are free online resources that can help you learn SEO to assure quality output:

1. Search Engine Land

Founded in 2007 by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, Search Engine Land features all the imperative aspects of digital marketing, retail, and advertising technology. You can get daily news coverage for SEO, Social Media, and more such as feature announcements, breaking stories, new updates, and etc. Subject matter experts specialized in various digital marketing disciplines share the proven tips, strategies, and tactics on SEO, PPC, SEM, and more topics.

2. Search Engine Journal

Launched in 2003, Search Engine Journal is a community-based approach, which aims to provide the most informative search marketing content. The smartest, experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners of the industry provide the latest best practices and news to empower SEO content. On this platform, you can access the updated information on several topics such as digital experience, link building, analytics, local search, mobile search, and more.

3. Link Building Corp Blog

This website is an ultimate guide to learn SEO in detail. You can find frequent SEO best practices and the detailed insight about several aspects of digital marketing at Link Building Corp, where a team of skilled and updated professionals post educational content on numerous topics. The ease to find information through several categories makes this site one of the preferred guide for beginners. The blog categories include local search, mobile search, SEO guide, PPC guide, social media, Google updates, how to guide, writing tips, news, and etc.

4. The SEM Post

Founded by Jennifer Slegg – specialized industry expert, The SEM Post made its debut in the online world in 2014. Long-term industry professionals at this platform shares their best tips & techniques, strategies, and provide the latest news about SEO, SEM, search engines, PPC, and more.

5. The Moz Blog

Another online free resource that provides an essential guide to SEO and other digital marketing aspects is The Moz Blog. The top experts of the industry provides their useful tips, how-tos, research, advice, and insights to allow readers develop and boost up their SEO knowledge and other skills for effective online marketing. From learning the best of blogging tips, basic SEO, advanced SEO to the latest Moz news, you can get an access of everything.

So, if you want to learn SEO in detail along with saving your every penny, then why should not visit any of these portals. Remember that SEO is much like a business, where you cannot succeed unless you provide customers with the products or services they actually need. If you do search engine optimization with no or poor knowledge while neglecting the quality factor, then it would not provide the results you expect. Thus, it is significant for you to get familiar with the concept of SEO as much as possible.

From learning about the social media channels, SEO on-page & off-page tactics, online marketing tips, latest search engine updates, content writing & marketing strategies to understanding SEO ranking success factors, these resources will help you in many more aspects. So, it is beneficial to refer to these online resources for effective search engine optimization learning.

Please note that all 5 free resources described above are not for promotional purpose. But, these are recognized for providing industry-best knowledge.

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