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In the present digital marketing age, if you are unaware of Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools), you seriously need to go through this beginner’s guide. Every online marketer is expected to have complete knowledge about this no-charge web service that helps the webmasters to optimize their website’s visibility and also check its indexing status.

So, here’s an insightful guide that will help you understand every bit of this search console –

Why The Search Console Is Important To You?

If you are a website owner, this tool is of much importance to you. Generally, people believe that content and the design of the website are two major factors that can lift up a website in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Definitely, both of these factors are pivotal for a successful website. However, there is one such parameter that is often over looked by the site owners. This is none other than the ‘search terms’.

Oh.. Please, do not mistake these ‘search terms’ with the keywords that you use in your blog posts. This refers to the terms or words that your target audience searches and ends up on your website. So, this tool helps you understand the user’s search psychology and find out the terms used by the audience.

How to Improve Your Website via Search Console?

To be very clear and precise, the Google Search Console means a lot and can help you with website improvement in a number of ways. Listed below is the entire information that you must know –

1. Communication with Google Search & Googlebot

The importance of this tool is not limited to help you with the search terms. It gives you a more dominant reason to understand and work with it. This tool is an exclusive way through which Googlebot and Google Search can communicate with the website owner. For example, this tool will communicate to you, if your website faces errors in AMP implementation or gets penalized.

On the left side of the tool, you will find some major categories, viz. Google Index, Messages, Search Traffic, Crawl, Search Appearance and Security Issues. In the security issues section, you will get to understand what is the current status of the website’s security and how you can fix the same. Additionally, you can also learn about Accelerated Mobile Pages and push.

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2. Industry Specific Words

Apart from the niche jargons, it is very important for you to understand which words are the most popular in your industry. Therefore, this tool helps you analyze such words. In addition, the GSC also provides you with riveting facts, such as it tells you which of your pages rank in the search results, what are the phrase or keywords that the target audience searched for, how many clicks you got for a particular page and so on.

Inspecting the Search Results

Using this tool, you can get some amazing information related to the words or terms used on goggle by your potential customers. You just need to click on Search Traffic > Search Analytics area. The users use different combinations of keywords and terms to search for the same thing. Further, you can also the look at the top ten searches on Google that attracted huge traffic to your website. All such information, including why other pages are not ranking well, can be gained easily using this tool.

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Get Ready to Explore the Depth of GSC

The audience is the most important factor for a website owner or the one who wishes to make his career in online marketing. So, as a beginner, you must start learning about this tool, in order to get a deep insight into the minds of your audience and ways on how they find you. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on the security issues and manual actions.