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Best Tips to Find an Awesome Magneto Developer

Finding the right magneto e-commerce developer can be a daunting task to perform. It is very important to have the best developer for the company. The developer can be from within the organization, a developing agent or some freelancers. The choice is yours. But the important aspect is to know whether they would be right for the job or not? So here we have some tips to find the best developer.

#Tip 1 – Developers That Won’t Be Looking

It is possible that the best developers won’t be looking for jobs, so you need to find them and nab them to work. You need to follow their blogs, lookup for articles they write, the kind of work they do, meet them at conferences. Following them over social media can be of great help. You should have the kind of work that would lure them to join you.

#Tip 2 – Developers Who Want To Change

There are many developers who want to shift from agency life to in-house with a merchant. This can be because of the reason that they are tired from getting pulled from one thing to other and not focusing on a single project or maybe that they are tired of the time-bound projects or maybe they are just looking for some change. This can be advantageous for you and one should know how to use this opportunity.

#Tip 3 – Attend Magneto Imagine

Magneto Imagine is an annual e-commerce conference which brings together merchants, partners, developers and experts from all across the globe. Here they exchange ideas, award innovative idea and build Magneto community as a whole.  Even though in this generation of online platforms and social media networking, conferences are still that holds for the best to come.

#Tip 4 – Hackathons

Hackathons are similar to conferences. It is a coding event where computer programmers, graphic designer, interface designers and others who are involved in software development collaborate together to work on software projects and developments. This event is also called hack day, hack fest or code fest.

They would provide a good opportunity for both the developers and the merchants. You can even organize these hackathons and find your right Magneto E-commerce developer.

#Tip 5 – LinkedIn

In LinkedIn, you can search them by the required skills you want in the developers. You can search for the skill and then the other requirements can be meet easily. LinkedIn is a place for both job seekers and job providers. They can create their profiles and they can easily look for the requirement. With the Premium LinkedIn account, one can perform more than the handful searches.

#Tip 6 – Magneto Forums

Magneto Forums have more than 200k users registered with them. They have a very dynamic forum with thousands of posts on a variety of topics. You can personally message the developers and see whether they would be interested to work with you.

#Tip 7 – Post on Commerce Hero

Commerce Hero is a place specifically designed to find Magneto e-commerce Developers. You can post jobs for free. You can search for the developers and contact them directly. You will be charged only for full-time placement only when the candidate is placed, there is no charges for contract jobs.

#Tip 1 – Pay Attention to the Certificates

The Magneto’s certification program is one of the best ways to find about the skills and knowledge of the candidate. It indicates the experience level with Magneto. The certification test is designed to validate that the developers have worked in-depth with the platform for over an extended period of time. You would be fortunate if you found a 4Xer.

#Tip 8 – But Certificates Are Not Always True

The certification system has some shortcomings. People have found a way to game the system. It has been seen that the Certificate plus Developers don’t even know the most basics of Magneto. While it may not be the case with most of them but there should be a strategy to pick the right one except the certificates. There should be other criteria to judge a candidate. So, don’t just judge a candidate based on his/her certificates.

#Tip 9 – Check Out Their Previous Works

Every company looks upon the previous work done by any candidate. Check for the company they have worked and why ask why they left the previous one. This will give an insight into the work done by them. It is very common for people to boast about their work in their resume and later is found that they had a minor role on the said project. So always look at the previous work done by the desired candidate before hiring them.

#Tip 10 – Evaluate Responsiveness

It becomes most important when you work with freelancers. See how they respond to the commands, fulling deadlines and other aspects for a few days. It may happen that they might not be fit for the job. Evaluate them on their consistency, look for how professional they are. These are the basics to judge them as they are new to the environment.

#Tip 11 – Coding Test

Conduct a coding test for the candidates. They would serve as a great way to judge for the skills in their resume. Sometimes they might not be necessary if the work done by then speaks for them and they are highly recommended. Also, a coding test should be that takes a lot of time of the candidates. Candidates might lose their interest in that case. A non-established developer might be ready to take a test that might be an hour long.

#Tip 12 – Technical Interviews

Technical interviews become necessary when hiring a full-time developer. This helps to evaluate the candidate and know whether they are fit for the job. This will also help boost the candidates’ confidence.

#Tip 13 – Bringing Freelancer In-House

Sometimes a freelancer may prove to be worthy of working in-house with the merchant. One of the best ways is work with them on a contract basis and then find out whether would be able to serve the company well on a full-time basis. See if the relationship is working well and they hire them as full-time employees. This won’t even cost must as the hiring cost will be limited to the extent of hiring the freelancer and there will be no extra expense to hire a full-time developer.

#Tip 14 – Evaluation Criteria

Evaluating how good a candidate is and how good they are for the organization is a crucial part to consider while recruiting a Magneto Developer. It is important for both parties in the long run. It is very common that companies lack a good evaluating criterion and have to suffer later on. They work for months with the developer and then judge the effectiveness of the candidate. This costs a huge amount and a lot of time is wasted. Even it increases the cost as then it becomes necessary to find a new developer which would again involve the same process to perform again. So, it is advised to have a clear-cut evaluation process so that it does not give a trouble later on.

So, these are a few tips to be kept in mind when fining the best Magneto e-commerce Developer. I hope that this would have helped you in all sorts of manner and would have provided what you were looking for.


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