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8 Cool Tricks for Social Media Automation for Small Business

A small business firm has fewer resources and more tasks to perform simultaneously, like managing orders, marketing, creating content and advertising. Thus, in short, the marketing activities consume much of their time and the marketers could not focus on their core business. Slowly and slowly, if you continue this, you will not be able to earn revenues. You might then, think of marketing just at weekends or resort to some unethical ways.

But, in this modern world of today, you need not to worry about anything. Social media automation can help you considerably. These types of activity can your tasks easier.Here are some amazing tricks for this that may seriously help you:

1. RSS Feed

Every time you provide a blog post, a social media tool like would post an update and also it would scan the feed. Using this technique, a lot of your time would be saved.

2. Content Sharing

Buffer lest you share your content. Just make a list of educational and creative posts and share them all across your varied social networks. Not just this, you can also make a custom posting schedule that will post on each social network each day.

3. Tweets

Scheduling the tweets over a set period of few hours will attract more visitors and boost engagement rate. If the engagement would increase, the conversion rate might also increase. Further, earlier it shorter posts used to be posted on twitter. But, now since Twitter is planning to increase its 140 character limit, thus, longer posts will also work.

4. Recycling Feeds

Using autoblogging, you can repost your content. Thus, every time new relevant content posts would be curated automatically, but, nothing new would be posted. .

5. Effective Usage of Apps

Install apps that can manage your social media. While you are travelling, you can still manage your social media activities, as a number of social medial tools have apps available for browsers and mobile phones.

6. Habit of Logging In

It is generally recommended to log into your account atleast once in a day. It is not ideal to automate it completely. While you are on a vacation, you can automate it precisely, but overdoing it is a big ‘no-no’. Try to interact with people on weekends as a number of companies do not work on weekends. So, the social activities of your competitors might not be taking place in the weekends. You will get an edge definitely.

7. Unusual Triggers

What you can do is, you can use some unusual posts, like posting about weather. You can either post every day’s weather (at different locations) at the earliest in the morning or post it on a previous night. This is great for a travel company.

8. Evergreen Blog Posts

Re-sharing your old evergreen blog posts can be a great trick for you. Automate their posting schedule and get increased number of hits and likes.


Gone are the days, when small businesses need to invest huge amount of resources in establishing their brand image. Through social media and social media automation, one can make his tasks easier, thereby assuring the growth of small businesses. Just keep in mind that you do not over do the automation, as excess of anything is bad.


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