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7 Warning Situations Your Sales Page Is a Complete Failure

Have you ever given it a thought that even after thorough crafting and polishing, editing, re-writing and tweaking each and every sentence, why your sales page just couldn’t make it for driving the sales? Does that means, your sales page stinks – a complete failure? Well, if this is the case with you, then it is a red alert that you need to make some changes in the way you craft your sales copy. You may not realize, but you certainly might be committing silly mistakes that in turn would be adversely affecting your charm to persuade your web visitors.

In order to break out from such warning situations, you must be aware of all the wrong ways that you might be presently undertaking. You are certainly moving in the erroneous direction if:

1. You Don’t Know the Target Reader

A sales copy cannot drive results if targeted for the wrong reader or segment. Your ideal reader is the one whom you try to persuade. Hence, you must be mindful of what makes your ideal reader tick. It is wise to write what the target audience wants to read.

2. You Don’t Use Irresistible Words

You cannot turn your readers into buyers, unless and until you use hypnotic or compelling words that trail them to your website for buying your offered services and products. Sales pitches must be used to bypass the critical mind of the target reader. You can use words like ‘you’, ‘imagine’ and ‘because’.

3. You Are Trying To Talk Like Pure Science

Sales page writing is both science and art. But it is foolish to add only science and not art. You have well-crafted the sales copy with hypnotic words, but if it still does not have that pinch of art in it, it will sell for you. So, try adding some rhyming phrases, something poetic that attracts the reader.

4. You Write Like a Text Book

Your reader can land to any of the page of your sales copy. Hence each and every page of the sales copy must be compelling. The reader must not take pains to read the entire sales copy and then understand what the copy is all about.

5. You Ask For Money Instantly

To ensure closing a sale, you need to respect your web visitor. The reader can find you sleazy if you ask for money/business too soon. Give your customer some time to think, understand each and every aspect of your services and products and then direct the customer to buy. But that should not be imposing on the customer.

6. You Use Loads of Superlatives

The modern customer has grown smarter. Hence it is not easy to fool him around. If you claim to be the best or use other superlatives, you need to portray why you are the best. Otherwise, no reader or potential customer would trust you and your brand.

7. You Are Focusing Solely On Google Rank

Getting a higher rank on Google is very necessary. But sales page writing should not be limited just to rank higher on Google, as it will not do anything for you. It will kill the creativity of the writer. For persuasion, it is advisable to always write for your readers first and then optimize it later.


Make sure you shun such circumstances and come up with a compelling copy that automatically lures the target audience with just minimal efforts of writing spell-bounding copy of sales.

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