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7 Techniques to Start Your Career as Google Analytics Expert

Understanding the Google analytics is really difficult. Often, most of the experienced professionals too fail to understand & implement the same. Thus, a beginner, who desires to work in a digital marketing firm as an expert Google analytics master, must start with the basics first. This is actually a common mistake found among the newbies. They jump to the advanced lessons, without having a good hold over the foundation basics.

So, here are some techniques, using/ learning which, you may become an expert Google Analytics pundit, in the very beginning of your career –

1. Free Mock Tests

It is ideally recommended to take some free mock tests for Google Analytics, which will help you understand your progress status. It is exactly the same as self-assessing your knowledge during exams. Generally, most of the Internet marketers opt for GAIQ test. But, the test is not that easy, especially for a beginner.

2. Reading Blogs

No matter, which career you choose, you will have to stay updated, in order to grow. Same is the thing with learning analytics. Read latest blogs and search for websites to add to your knowledge and experience. While browsing the internet, you may come across great blogs, which will surprise you each day with something new to learn.

3. Useful YouTube Videos

You might have definitely used YouTube for watching the latest videos all around the world. But, now it’s time to use this platform to improve your knowledge. Check out the Google Analytics channel, where you may find ‘n’ number of videos describing you about the most basic principles of Analytics. If you have already done this, you can find other videos for intermediates and experts.

4. Free Courses

Google provides a wide variety of training materials on Analytics for free. You can easily test your knowledge, take part in some courses and become a part of a community. Doing this, you will have a firm hold on the basics and understand different terms and techniques that may help in the future. Also, you will be able to make certain clear business decisions that boost your business growth.

5. Plugins

You can also make use of the plugins, which replicate the Analytics profiles in few seconds, detect the codes on multiple websites automatically and the extensions, which are responsible to ensure that are no errors. It is basically a time and effort saving technique to transform into an experienced analytics master. Just take your time to understand which browser is ideal to download the plugins.

6. GTM and AdWords

A beginner should be aware with both of these platforms, as they are closely related to Google Analytics. GTM, on one hand, is easy to learn and understand, while on the other hand, learning AdWords may require time, as it is a vast topic. But, first of all make sure you understand the analytics lessons.

7. Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform, where you can find and connect with the Analytics experts from around the world. This way, you will stay updated with all the challenges, solutions, news, features and others related to analytics. So, use social media as a tool to stay tuned with the trending topics and updates from industry experts.

Become a Pro Today

The Google Analytics field requires a huge amount of effort, continuous learning and dedication. So, you need to be full attentive while learning analytics. Using these techniques, you can learn and polish your skills, without even having to pay an instructor. Start learning and make the foundation of future development.