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7 Rocking Ways To Build One Way Links That Even Google Loves

From Google’s perspective, one way links are highly credible than the reciprocal links and also the most powerful link that one can gain. Even, most of the SEO experts say that the links gained from trusted and authoritative sites are more beneficial than those obtained from lesser trusted sites. Thus, if you are a business owner, then you should know that Google always gives preference and strong quality signal to links that are topic-relevant.

So, if you wish to obtain qualitative links that even Google will love, then you must follow these tips or ways:

1. Links from High Page Rank Sites

One of the most effective ways to build qualitative links is to request links from the websites that have a higher page rank. To know the page rank of any web page, you can use the SEO toolbar.

2. Articles and Guest Posts

You can publish articles or guest posts on other’s websites and include a link to your website in it. You ask for article writing for any website, such as an e-commerce website, where there is just minimal content.

3. Directories

This is also a great method to obtain one-way links. Most of the talented SEO experts recommend for manual directory submission of their website in the relevant categories. This in turn improves your search ability and results into quality links.

4. Relationships with Organizations

Links from websites with .gov and .edu domains have greater credibility quotient than any particular blog. Not just Google, but Yahoo! and Bing also prefer links from such websites. So, if you wish to invest in quality one way link building in India or any other country, then you must think of ways that may provide value to such educational and governmental organizations.

5. Linkbaiting

It refers to publishing a content that is so engaging that it lures links from other websites. Use your unique ideas to position it on the web. Do not copy the entire content; rather, use a part of it and pass the resource link in it.

6. Press Release Submission

Make sure that you submit your press releases to industry related websites for news. If it would be worthy enough, you will get a number of links just like a flood.

7. Links from Vendors

You can also request links from your business partners or vendors. One thing that you can do is, submit one testimonial on the site of your vendor and ask for a link back in return to your website.


Keep conformity to measures that provide you with quality one way links; just make sure that you don’t request from low page rank websites and avoid nofollow links. Constant efforts from your end can make you reach newer heights.