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7 Metrics of Content Marketing That Should Not Be Avoided

SEO is an important parameter that is highly used by content marketers to measure the success of their tactics and strategies in this competitive world. But, most of the marketers just restrict themselves to the number of downloads and clicks to their content. They actually ignore some of the most pivotal metrics that are very important for a marketer.

Hence, if you are also a content marketer, then never neglect the following metrics:

1. Engagement Time

As a marketer, it is important for you to understand the amount of time that the visitor took to actually consume the content. This engagement time will help you boost the brand recall among the visitors.

2. Keyword Analysis

A thorough keyword analysis is the key point to bring in quality leads for business. According to an expert in professional content marketing services in USA, a correct keyword analysis helps one to make way for his future marketing campaigns and identify the type of useful content.

3. Contribution by Audience

The comments and reviews contributed by the audience helps to understand the extent to which the liked or feels connected to the content. This is also important to build loyalty with your customers.

4. Longevity of Content

It refers the period that brings active engagement of readers to your post. You can measure it by sign-ups for landing pages, video views etc.

5. Finishing Average Time

This means thee average time taken by the reader to finish reading the article. Note, the time of finishers (the ones who read the entire article) to analyze the overall engagement over the page.

6. Return Visitors

Content marketing is all about attracting visitors to your site and converting them into potential consumers. Thus, using your content, try to establish a loyal audience and keep tandem with the return visitors, who are yet to be transformed into consumers.

7. Distribution Costs

This is one of the major factors that are often overlooked. The distribution costs, such as paid advertising on social media, costs related to updating on social media and so on.

Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

While you plan your next content marketing plan, make sure that you do not limit yourself to just two metrics- clicks and downloads. Study other metrics as well. These metrics will definitely bring some considerable business to your firm and boost your content marketing efforts. A thorough study of such significant metrics can help you flourish as a content marketer.