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7 Incredible Tricks to Write Engaging Headlines in Your Posts

The most important objective to write a blog must not be simply providing a good content; rather it should be more than this. Your readers must be more than interested in reading your blog. No matter, you have written some of the most marvelous pieces of content, but they would not provide heightened results, unless and until you do something to attract your readers. The most trusted way to attract the attention is to use catchy and engaging headlines.

Here the question arises as to how one can write attractive headlines. If you are really looking for a solution, then the below mentioned tricks would be great for you:

1. Use Interrogative Expressions

Interrogative expressions, such as what, why, when and how are the most useful trigger words that works well for readers’ persuasion. Readers generally get attracted towards a content that answers what or why questions. ‘How to’ contents are very popular among the readers.

2. Use Different Numerals

A fun trick to write engaging blog posts is to provide numbers i.e. write headlines that have numbers in it:
5 ways to…
10 tools for….
7 issues with….
And so on.

3. Use Unique Logical Words

There are certain words that attract the attention of the readers very easily. After using a number in your headline, you should use such a word that instantly grabs the eye balls of your target reader. Some of such words are:

• Fun
• Easy
• Facts
• Ways
• Tactics
• Ideas
• Lessons
• Secrets
• Reasons
• Principles

4. Adjective Punch

If your headline has an adjective punch in it, then your content copywriting skills will be acclaimed widely. Few interesting adjectives are as follows:

• Essential
• Effortless
• Free
• Critical
• Absolute
• Strange
• Magnifying
• Painstaking

5. Inculcate a Promise

It is very essential to make a promise in your article. Make a promise to deliver something valuable to your readers. If you do not make a promise, your readers might think the lack of valuable information for them. But, yes, do not make a fake promise. Always deliver what you have promised to the masses.

6. Make Statements

Sometimes making a direct statement helps one to attract a lot of visitors to the posts. Inspite of playing with words, say the topic in a nutshell, i.e. in a direct statement. Do not use long sentences. Keep your statement within 60 characters.

7. Formula Practice

If everything seems to you very messy, then just resort to a simple formula that will help you create headlines within seconds.
Who/What/Why/How or Any Numeral + 1 Suitable Adjective + Your Keyword + Promise to the Reader

Using this formula, you would easily make instant headlines and grab the audience attention simultaneously.


Study your content; study your audience to know what type of headline would turn the audience’s head over your blog or article. It might take you a big of time initially, but slowly and slowly when you’ll experiment with the headlines, you will see excellent results. It’s actually just about depicting your content in an honest, yet attractive manner.