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6 Web Design Mistakes Often Made that Kills Website Traffic

There are certain web designs that often affect the web traffic of your websites. They can be the biggest downfall, apart from the other mistakes that one may commit, this particular mistake is the worst of all.

A small mistake on the part of your web designer can lead to the failure of traffic on your website. Let’s look at some of the most common web design mistakes that can affect the traffic on your website.

1. Excessive Web Designs

When your website is so overdone with the use of design elements available, there is a big confusion created for the user as the content on the page looks unorganized, be it the animations, designs, effects or images on the page, it creates a disinterest in the user’s mind and hence, drives him/her away from the webpage. Cluttering of your page layout neither looks good nor works. It can have an adverse effect on the success of your website. As a result, when people visit the website, they often get confused about the motive and message of the website that it is trying to convey. It’s hard to access the information on your website and eventually people leave. If you don’t want to drive away the visitors on your website, only use the designs that are necessary, using excessive designs only leads to killing your traffic on the website.

2. Lack Of User-Friendliness

When a particular client looks for a specific type of design on their website, it often looks client-oriented. These web designs aren’t made keeping in mind the needs of visitors. Overlooking the target market of your website results in making it hard for the visitors to find your website. Lack of user-friendliness can affect the traffic of your website. The only reason for this being the lack of research on the type of potential audience, not being clear about the type of visitors, their needs etc. If you try and make your website from the perspective of a visitor rather than a client, then you can come up with a user-friendly website. Only those websites which are user-oriented are able to acquire a healthy traffic on their websites. Make your website after keeping in mind your visitors and you will be able to boost the traffic to your website.

3. Below The Page Fold Information

When visitors visit your page, it takes them less than a minute to analyze if your website is worth their time or not. Page fold is the one thing that’s most important for your website and should be taken into consideration before the rest when you’re designing your website. When you have a limited time to make an impression on your visitors, you need to make sure that you impress them in time, this is where Page fold comes into the picture. When all the necessary information on your page is below the page fold then users leave your website in seconds.

The best thing that you can do is to keep all the important information, call to action buttons and messages above the page fold. Only some of the visitors go to the bottom of the website. If you want to make sure that a good amount of traffic is there on your Web page, you need to follow this step.

4. Understanding The Purpose Of Your Website

Choosing a funky design for an official purpose or going all monotonous on a website with young users, all leads to killing the traffic. You need to understand the purpose of your website. The kind of visitors you’re attracting and the purpose for which the website is made is an important factor to keep in mind while choosing the design of your website.

5. Quantity Over Quality

New trends of web designs emerge every day, the question is whether you need them or not. Not everything that’s new is cool, hence you need to make sure that you only use what’s useful. Elements that fits the needs, purpose and framework of your web design will eventually lead to traffic increase on your website.

It is to be noted that it’s not important that every ‘cool’ element will get you the audience, but the proper use of it will.

6. Inconsistency

The style and designs that are used on your website should be consistent. You can’t use different designs, animations and elements on every page and every head or subhead of your web design. The inconsistency of web design makes your website look ugly and childish. If you’re serving a greater purpose for a greater audience, then you have to use a consistent and proper web design to increase the traffic on your website.

These were the most important things to be kept in mind if you wish to get a good amount of traffic on your website and not drive the visitors away with these silly but major mistakes.

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