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6 Vital Pre-Requisites to Win in the New SEO World

The SEO is a huge world of gaining popularity and increased online presence on major search engines. The massive Google algorithm updates keep changing and many times have shaken the SEO industry completely. This facilitated the experts to drive new techniques to success in the domain. The growing industry gave prompted many firms to follow certain Pre-requisites to Win in the New SEO World and emerge at the top among the search results. But what are the proposed pre-requisites? Let’s have a look-

1. Never Build Crappy Links

The Crappy directory links and some of the social media profile links used to create wonders in the industry. But in the present times, these links aren’t worth the investment anymore. The days are gone when they used to be no-risk involved with low-quality links.

Winning Solution: Don’t build shady links without identifying the potential ramifications.

2. Be Casual on Twitter

Social media isn’t the appropriate place for utilizing corporate buzzwords. Rather, it is a platform to connect with worldwide people in a casual setting.

Winning Solution: Instantly start replying to 4, 5 or more tweets per day from influencers in your space, as everyone loves getting replies. Gradually you’ll see some small results quickly (if someone tweeted back at you=winning!)

3. Speed up Page Load Times

Each time you add a widget/plugin to your website, you potentially slow down the response times for your visitors. This has a major impact on the search rankings.

Winning Solution: You can use various tools and techniques or hire SEO experts for monitoring/analyzing your page speed and making considerable modifications, accordingly.

4. Think like a PR Company

As per the recent studies, SEO firms wish to be involved in more PR type work, as PR can drive quality links that no other activity can get. However, getting press isn’t easy, but an authoritative link from top-tier news agencies worth a tremendous amount of domain trust for websites.

Winning Solution: Analyze your inner-self and your personnel; if your team is worth writing press releases, then you can easily witness the website rankings skyrocket across the board.

5. Measure Your Progress

Measuring progression is very important in SEO as it provides an insight into how your website is being viewed by Google. You’ll often witness a shift in the keyword rankings. The most viable way to measure your progress is to outsource link building services to an expert professional, versed in identifying important sources, links and tweaks that can be beneficial for improved website ranking.

Winning Solution: Don’t just track your current rank. Compare the current rankings to the rankings, a week ago or since you started working on SEO.

6. Think Local & Global

Google keeps growing by the updates coming from mobile and various developing countries. Thus, there is an urgent need to think local as well as global for higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

Winning Solution: Look outside your native country for identifying potential traffic sources. Further, if you’re a local business firm, make sure you track your local results very precisely, as Google changes its results based on your city/zip code.

Even if the SEO world demands for newer techniques and practices, you can still be ahead of market competition and foster a winning strategy that delivers higher rank and boost to your website.