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6 Ideal Formulas to Analyze Social Activities of Competitors

Have you ever thought about ‘how your competitors manage their social activities to increase their followership and likes’? One of the basic rules to survive in this digital world is to keep a constant eye on your competitors. A comprehensive analysis of the activities of competitors can help you plan out your forthcoming strategies as well as maintain tandem with the current strategies employed by the competitors to gain revenues and large number of followers. Hence, it becomes evident to refresh your social media marketing tactics as well as brainstorm your content tactics. This would be eventually helpful in judging what types of posts are ideal to convert visitors into followers on various social media networks.

This brings you to analyze the social activities of your competitors that can be easily initiated in 6 simple ways:

1. Analyze the Twitter Accounts

A thorough analysis of the competitor’s twitter account can help you gain an insight into their social activities. But during this process, make sure you keep abreast with the following questions:
How many accounts do they follow?
How many visitors follow them?
What they usually tweet about?
What are the specific hashtags (#) that they use?
How many tweets or replies they get per post, at an average?
What type of lists have they created?
Are their posts internal or external or both?

2. Analyze the Facebook Pages

While analyzing the Facebook pages of your competitors, you must consider the following questions:
What is their brand voice or message?
How many followers do their firm constitutes?
What is the specific topic of their posts?
How often do they post articles, blogs and other interesting stuff?
How many likes/shares/comments do their posts get?
Do they on internal or external basis?
Do they run any contests, polls or fun games to engage visitors?

3. Examine YouTube Channels

It is advisable to keep the following questions in mind, if reviewing the YouTube Channels of competitors:
How many subscribers do they boast of?
What type of video content they post?
Do they stick only to product tutorials?
Do they even show company’s happy hours and parties?
How does the video engagement look like? (For instance, the number and tone of comments, the number of likes and dislikes per video)
Which related and suggested videos get displayed on their watch pages?

4. Review Instagram Accounts

You need to keep abreast with the following questions while reviewing/examining their Instagram accounts:
How many accounts do they follow?
How many followers do they have in total?
Do they follow a lifestyle-oriented content strategy or show the product/service in each shot?
What are the hashtags that they use?
Do they tag employees and various other accounts in their photos?)

5. Monitor Periscope, Snapchat and Meerkat Accounts

It is a bit difficult to evaluate such channels in one go; due to the nature of their content. But if your competitors use them, it is ideal to follow their accounts and check out for their content whenever it goes live. Also you must stay updated with the following considerable questions:
What type of content do they post?
How many replies/engagement/interactions they garner from their fans?

6. Review Pinterest Accounts

While evaluating the Pinterest accounts of competitors, you should prioritize the following questions:
How many users do they follow and what is the total number of their followers?
Do they re-pin others or their pins are brand-generated?
What are the names of their boards?
What is the methodology followed to organize the pins?
How do they show their product/service in pins?

Parting Thoughts

Checking out what other companies are performing on social can give you an insight into their strong points that favors success to them. Also it would serve you as an inspiration for your own social content. Dig into other businesses success mantra and explore certain videos and posts that you find interesting.