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5 Supercool Ideas to Speed Up Content Creation Time Like a Pro

As days are passing by, the online market is getting more and more competitive than you can ever think of. Hence, despite of the major challenges that B2C marketers face, they are bound to produce bulk high quality content periodically or regularly. But, it is not that easy, as it appears to be. The budget, consistent variety in content, knowledge of internal team, content effectiveness, integration across marketing platforms and other allied factors play a major role in creating a huge amount content that converts.

But, as every problem has a solution to it; this situation can also be dealt with utmost ease, if you consider the following ways:

Dedicate more time to the content
Increase your budget, i.e. hire more writers
Try to write as fast as you can

These are the basic ways, which help one to create any level of content that he/she has been trying since a long time. The first two points are not possible in all situations and at all the time. However, the third one is always possible, if you put in your real efforts.

Optimizing the writing habits can help you double your productivity and gain innumerable benefits. So, here are some supercool ideas, which may guide you on how to speed up the time required in writing a content –

1. Time Scheduling

Do you remember your school days? During your school examinations, when you used to get plenty of leaves for preparing a subject, you used to spend the entire time in studying the single subject without even giving a thought that if you use this time in preparing two subjects, it will be easier for you to score in the exams. Right? This is the same case, when it comes to writing a content. You consume the entire time in writing just a single post. The more the time duration, the more it will take you to complete the writing task.

Hence, it is advised to limit or schedule your time. Assign the least possible time to your work and then start writing the content. You will be able to write more number of contents in a given time frame.

2. Record Your Audio

It is generally observed that people can speak faster than they type. While, you are typing, there are certain pauses in the middle because you often get lost in your thoughts. You then, have to regain your senses and get back to writing once again. However, when you are talking, there no or minimal delays, depending upon the speed of your thoughts. So, a better way to eliminate this problem is to record your audio on your phone or any online app and then type the recordings. Simply write down everything and once you are done, organize the whole content, edit it and fill any gaps that may be missing.

3. Try a Different Approach

It happens with most of the writers that they keep looking at the blank page and think of what to write. It wastes a huge amount of time and is one of the major reasons of a poor productivity from your end. I clearly understand the pain of writing new ideas each time within a limited time frame. But, if you follow a unique approach, this problem too, can be sorted out. The basic approach is to think of a topic and start writing on the same. But, a unique and more effective approach says that you must first of all think ‘why are you writing this post?’ or ‘what is this post meant for?’; Once, you get the answer to these questions, you will automatically start writing a lengthy content with no delay.

4. Keep Editing For Later

While you are writing the content, you may have a number of thoughts running into your mind. They can be any type of random thoughts, distractions or thoughts regarding what to write next, and so forth. All of these thoughts eat up much of your time and your productivity decreases by almost 40%. This shifting of focus can be very harmful for your career growth and productivity graph. Therefore, it is always suggested to write whatever comes to your mind (obviously related to the content), prepare the first draft and then revise/ edit in the draft to render a better final product.

5. Relax

Last but seriously not the least; take some short breaks, while you are working. You cannot be productive, if you continuously write over a topic. You tend to get bored and lose focus, when you are unable to take a few minutes break during the work. After every one hour, take a 5 minute break and then get back to work. It will certainly improve your productivity and help you feel fresh all day long.


The modern-day marketing demands for great content in bulk. Therefore, you must prioritize learning the skills on how to create the content faster. To start adopting these tricks, you can begin practicing one or two of them for now and once, you master these skills, you can try the other ones. Additionally, keep an eye on your typing speed; it should be 40 words per minute on an average. So, get going from now..!!