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5 Metrics of Social Media to Be Tracked For Online Growth

Beauty of the online marketing lies in the fact that one can measure or track everything he/she does on the web. However, the measurement can only be apt or effective, if you know what and how to measure. This is the point where social media metrics come in. these metrics are also important, in order to track your progress rate online. But, the question arises, as to how can you judge your performance? How will you analyze that your strategies are proving considerable and profitable results for you?

To understand this, it is necessary that you track some of the major metrics of social media regularly:

1. Blogs Performance in the First Week

As soon as you publish a new blog, it is necessary to judge and monitor its performance in the very first week. In most cases, a number of experts send their blogs to their e-mail list (only once per article). This helps them to witness great amount of traffic in the first week. Comparing the first week’s performance for different blogs, helps to analyze the types of content that gets the target audience fired up.

2. Views on Page

Tracking the page views regularly will help you to analyze your performance week by week. Using Google analytics, you can easily monitor the popularity of your blog. Also, you can compare two or more of your blogs to understand the page views on the posts.

3. Social Media Posts

If you analyze and monitor your most loved social media posts on a monthly, quarterly, weekly and annual basis, then it can be a great detailed insight to discover the kind of content that relates most to your target audience. With this analysis, you can ask the writer to come up with compelling Social Media Writing solutions that will instantly grab the eye balls of your target audience/readers. You will soon witness growth in the online popularity and sales of your products or services.

4. Total Time Spent on Page

This is the best mode or indicator to judge quality on your website. While page views will indicate towards your most creative titles that instantly grab attention, the time spent on page will determine that how long the visitors spend their time on the page. This will help you know that what the readers really think about your content.

5. Track Social Shares

By tracking the social shares, you will get an insight into the extent of your brand’s popularity. You will come across a complete report that will display that which articles on your site get the most amounts of shares. Also, it will be beneficial to understand that which social networks drive major proportion of shares for your website.


Gaining huge popularity and appreciation on social media can be very easy, if one understands that how these metrics work. Analyzing such metrics regularly and effectively will help you strategize the future course of action, as this it significantly holds great importance for you and your firm for sure.