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3 Best Ways To Measure Link Quality For Better Performance

Do you know that your online search performance is greatly influenced by the quality of the links? Wondering how to measure links quality to determine whether it proves boon or curse for your link building and SEO efforts. Not to worry because this is a time to run comprehensive backlink analysis using 3 best tactics, you will read in this post.

Why It Is Important To Check Links Quality?

More than 60% of companies are using external link building strategies. Nearly all online businesses, leading brands, enterprises, and bloggers are practicing link building techniques in order to gain more online traffic and get #1 search engine ranking. Just using the proven tactics does not deliver the brilliant results, even you must measure the quality of the links – good or bad on a timely basis. The reason is that if a good link can improve search performance, then bad ones can damage it negatively with unfruitful consequences.

Keep in mind that Google never accepts websites with poor quality links. Thus, if you want to avoid search engine penalties as much as possible, then find out what a quality link building comprises to reward your site with increased ranking and maximized sales.

1. Does Your Link Hold A Strong Conversion Ability?

One of the best ways to measure the value and effectiveness of a link building campaign is to analyze how many visitors do your site able to convert. In simpler terms, find out the possibility of how many visitors, you wish to gain links from, will become your actual user. While checking for this, don’t forget that you must focus on both qualitative and quantitative factor. It means, considers the numbers and accuracy as well. This way, you can quickly and properly analyze how useful your links are.

2. Types of Links – Inlinks And Outlinks

Once you have attracted the websites that you want to gain links from, the very next thing you have to do is to find out what type of links they would share. If those websites have links from obvious link building program or scheme, then take a step back. However, if they will provide you excellent inbound links, then this will help you a lot. Apart from this, also check for the outbound links. If these kinds of links appear irrelevant and invaluable, then it is good to ignore them.

– Would It Cost Something From You?

Do you know that attracting links can prove an expensive process for you, depending on the site you’re choosing? No. No, it does not mean that you have to pay a huge amount of money to earn and build links to your site. But, sometimes you may have to spend the advertising cost in order to do promotion on that website. Stop making the investment if you are doing it just because of the 3rd party metric.

3. Don’t Overlook Relevance In Order To Gain Organic Traffic?

Yes, online traffic matters a lot for the increased sales, growth, and revenue rate of a business or a company. But, while analyzing the link quality and value, traffic should not be the only factor. It is not necessary that all reliable websites possess all metric used to judge link value. Thus, focusing only on one factor is not suggested.

The relevant topical neighborhood is of primary importance in a link building campaign. Surviving in a better community with full relevance is highly beneficial, regardless of its size and traffic, it will provide. But, look for the following relevance –

– User Intent Relevance

The relevance of online visitors’ intent is to determine the probability of meeting the user’s intent. For example, if you own a website for e-books, then find out how likely the visitors will love the collection and would they buy it or not.

– Semantic Relevance

Some webmasters, link builder, or marketing experts believe that using semantic words will make a good link and gain huge traffic. But, most of the leading experts do not agree with this point of semantic relevance. Confused what you must do now? Identify the importance of semantic relevance for ranking by understanding how online traffic is likely to convert. If it has great potential, then it is surely a quality link. If it is not, then back away.

– Don’t Forget Traffic Intent Relevance

No one can disagree with the fact that links play a vital role to grow organic traffic for website. If links you’re earning do not provide you quality traffic, sorry to say, but it is not a useful link. It might be possible that some traffic is not fruitful because it does not meet online visitors intent. Despite the numbers of links and traffic, there is no improvement in sales volume and website ranking.

If you have ever noticed there are numbers of people around two people fighting with each other, but their intent is not to support them. The same thing is with online visitors coming on your site in a huge quantity, but for the wrong reasons. Many viral link campaigns prove good-for-nothing if their relevance is impertinent. The best success is judged in terms of related traffic quality, high ranking, and increased sales.


All in all, measuring the link quality is much easier with these 3 helpful ways. To recap, first check whether traffic from that link will convert the site visitors. Then, evaluate inlinks and outlinks with respect to its surrounded community. Last but not least examine the relevance of links on the basis of user intent and traffic intent.


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