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14 Best Tips To Choose Magento Developer For Your Ecommerce Website

Finding a skilled and decent Magento developer can be difficult — whether you hire them from in-house, freelance, Magento development company or with other references. It is always difficult to get hire developers if you don’t follow the right hiring strategy.

So below are the top tips to hire a skilled Magento developer company or person.

Digging Them Out

When you need a Magento developer —  move up your sleeves and start digging. It may not be simple, but instead it will be justified, despite all the trouble.

1. Discover Developers that aren’t Looking

When in doubt, the best developers won’t, for the most part, be effectively work searching, so it will take some footwork for you to seize them up. You can do this by following their sites, tailing them on social media, going to conferences and meetups, etc. — see the sort of work they’re interested in.

Possibly they have an open source project identified with the index the executives and you have some extremely fascinating, front-line work you’re hoping to complete to update your catalog — that’s probably something they’d be interested in.

2. Discover Developers Left The Agency and Just Started Their Freelance Work

A developer move from working for an agency to run in-house with a shipper. Because it might be that they’re worn out on following their time crosswise over projects, or it might be that they’re sick of getting pulled starting with one thing then onto the next and not having the capacity to concentrate on tackling a solitary issue over an extended period of time to accomplish business results past hourly charging.

In different cases, they’re just searching for a difference in pace.

3. Discover Developers who are Changing their Path

This is undoubtedly a 2-way road. A portion of the difficulties that developers confront when in-house with a trader can be:

Working with an old tech-stack because, well, it isn’t broke. But they beyond any doubt would love to work with some extravagant new tech on another format regular intervals with an incredible agency

4. Visit Magento Imagine!

Magento Imagine is the place to be for the whole Magento community consistently. We as an entire love technology and the correspondence that social networking and online stages have empowered are genuinely mind-blowing, but as you most likely are aware, now and then nothing beats a little decent outdated exposure.

5. Hackathons

Like conferences, hackathons furnish an incredible opportunity to meet with developers whom you may not generally associate with online. Hackathons are one of a kind however in that it takes a particular degree of enthusiasm to surrender a whole few days of your leisure time to do only hack on Magento.

You’re commonly going to discover developers at hackathons that are as of now extremely energetic about their work and content with their jobs. Once more, returning to #3, this is an opportunity to see the sorts of projects that truly make somebody tick and maybe offer them something the truth is an outfit for their strengths.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn enables you to seek by skills, which can come in exceptionally helpful when searching for Magento developers. Just inquiry by ability — and from that point, you can penetrate somewhere near the area and different elements. You’ll require a premium LinkedIn account to accomplish more than a bunch of ventures though — they secure you fast.

7. Look at the Magento forums

There are over 200k enrolled clients on the Magento forums, with a large number of posts on an assortment of subjects. Developers that have heaps of credit are the ones that are the most dynamic and accommodating.

You can send them a private message to see whether they might be interested in working with you.

8. Post an Occupation on Commerce Hero!

You thought you would get away from this blog entry without an item pitch, isn’t that right? Reconsider.

We’ve assembled Commerce Hero specifically to take care of the issue of finding a Magento developer — if you have room schedule-wise to actualize the majority of the recommendations in this article yourself, good luck with that! But if you’d like to offload a portion of that work to us, we’d gladly have you!

You can post a vocation for free — in the instance of contract jobs, you won’t be charged anything, and on account of all day work positions, you’ll possibly be charged if and when a hopeful is put.

You can likewise look for saints for nothing and get in touch with them specifically.


After you’ve done some chasing and have discovered a developer that you’re thinking about, the following stage is evaluating and choosing the developer it’s hard to believe, but it’s right for you.

9. Focus on Certifications

On account of Magento’s certification program, genuinely outstanding and snappiest pointers of somebody’s dimension of involvement with Magento are their certifications. The certification test is careful and designed to approve that developers have indeed worked with the stage inside and out over an extended period.

10. But don’t give careful Consideration to Certifications

Lamentably, the certifications do have a few shortcomings. For one, people have, at any rate as of late, discovered approaches to diversion the framework. While this isn’t the situation for by far most of certified developers, I have heard a few reports of even Certified Plus developers that don’t know yet the most essential Magento ideas.

It’s vital to have a contracting system that factors in certifications but additionally takes a gander at different elements and pointers.

11. Assess Their Responsiveness

This one is especially essential when working with freelancers. I like to see an example of responsiveness throughout up to 14 days when at first starting discussions with a consultant. It’s normal for a specialist, upon initial contact, to be rarin’ at the bit to begin and to be exceptionally responsive, but then to all of a sudden drop off the map on you.

Sadly, questionable freelancers are very regular in our industry. One the one hand, it’s reasonable as they are juggling a wide range of things at once — multiple customers, due dates, maybe regular employment as well — and not every person is great at manipulating the majority of that. Typically when something springs up and overpowers them, they will drop everything else until the point that they can return up for water.

That doesn’t make it alright. I discover it to a high degree unprofessional when freelancers don’t react immediately to a business email. I like to see that they are steady and responsive over some undefined time frame especially when initially starting to work with another person.

12. Take a Gander at Their Work

This one abandons saying — probably the primary thing you will do is look at their work — whether that implies seeing the companies they have worked for in their activity history on LinkedIn or looking at their portfolio.

Make sure to discover precisely what their job was on the projects they’ve chipped away at previously. It’s normal for people to “cushion” their resumes, saying they took a shot at a huge brand, just for you to discover that they had a minor job in the project.

13. Technical Interview

If you are employing a full-time developer in-house, you are likely going to have some technical interview — this may not be the situation if you’re a non-technical entrepreneur contracting a specialist.

Here’s the place you take care of business with code-level specifics and see whether they genuinely earned that cert or if they got it for $49.99 at the nearby certification shop down the road.

We’ll be distributing more subtleties on thoughts for your technical meeting process soon — keep an eye out.

14. Coding Test

A coding test can likewise be an incredible piece of your technical assessment organize. This is something that is now and again superfluous if the work that they’ve done honestly represents itself with no issue and they come exceptionally suggested.

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