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11 Ways To Build Links Through Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an effective way of increasing sales, revenues, and traffic on websites for businesses these days. If you have good marketing content for your website supported by appropriate backlinks then the sky is the limit for you.

However, writing plain text with good language is not enough to attract a new audience to your website or even to engage the existing one. The central idea behind writing content with backlink is basically to reach the top of the SERPs (Search engine result page). With this whenever a relative keyword will be searched for on the browser it’s going to display your website at the of the result page. This attracts a lot of traffic as almost 60 per cent of the people just click the first page links.

Writing content might be easy, but writing a content optimized with backlinks is not that easy. To be honest link building is not as easy as you would have imagined. So, if you are planning to write the content for your website then we would highly suggest you not to do this on your own. If you even miss one content marketing guidelines (which are strictly followed by the search engine), then you would get yourself in serious trouble in face of a ban on your site or paying heavy fines.

Thus, it is better to leave to the professionals and hire content marketer . Not only these experts write great content but also make sure to fit in under all the guidelines. To hire content marketer you can connect with any recruitment agency or can go by online job portal search.

Well, if you are still willing to write your own content and creating links for content marketing then don’t worry we are here for your help. Here we are going to discuss the best 11 ways to build links through content marketing.

Keyword Research

Whether you are a professional practitioner or not you need to look for a relative and meaningful keyword for your content. It is important that the keyword can be easily used in the content you are going to write. For instance, if you are writing about search engine optimization then your relevant keyword could be SEO developer or hire content marketer, etc.

Just make sure that it’s highly relevant to the topic and naturally occurring in the content.

Data Analysis

Content Marketing campaign enhanced with data analysis is pretty common and easy to undertake. These types of campaign cost relatively lower than other campaigns. So make sure to collect and analyze the data of your competitors, successful business, etc.

Expert Contributor

There is always one expert everywhere and asking for a little help won’t diminish you. They can really push you to get better and reach new levels.


Roundups work only because of one reason that is ego and individuality. Everyone loves to share their opinions, likes and dislikes. If you are even able to convince 50 experts, this enough is going to be a big chance for you to get links.

Broken Link Building

It is one of the all-time favourite link building strategies of every content writer and SEO experts. You can use “Check my links” on Google to find out the best-broken links on any page. Now all you have to do is find a site you want to use this link on.

Branded Strategies And Methods

Just think how much can be naming a process or strategies effective for your website. And the answer is enough to make your website a hit within hours. So use a unique and attractive name for your strategy.

Be A Source For Bloggers

If you want to rank on the top of the search engine result page then you need to build a link from authority news sites and blogs in your industry. It’s not that hard as it sounds, probably easier than all the above link building methods.

Pre Outreach

You have fellow writers and SEO experts. Look through their content even before it is published. And if you come across a post that you think has the potential to be number on google, then advertise it even before its published. This is known as pre outreach.

Edu Resource Pages

These are one of the most searched things on the net by the students that makes about 40 per cent of the users on the net. People look for new and updated resources. So try and get through the university to get a link via mutual exchange.


It is a method where the owner of any kind of website invites people of his relevant product. This way the guest gets a link and the host has all the information about his product that customer might possibly want to know.


While interviews can be really hard to get and a lot to invest in. But if you are able to get an industry expert to interview for you and host it on your website can really make a big difference for you. This can attract those extra visits on your websites that can certainly give you an edge on the SEO front.

So, now since you have got all the tips and tricks in your kitty its time for you to take this to action. Create awesome content for your website or get it done by some expert and channelize the power of content marketing. Stay connected till next time as we bring you more such informative content.



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