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10 Trending Mobile Apps For Web Designers

Modern mobile apps help in doing real work with the upgrade of technology. They also help in the web designers in several ways to make use of the right technology. The current generation apps itself evolve themselves with the trending technology. And when a designer is all surrounded by current technology, these apps can still inspire him and prove to be useful while designing his own web. Use of these apps for web design is evolved its own growth to set fire in the field of web designing. With the help of designers and developers many such apps are discovered, the topmost used apps are listed are listed below, which are of most useful to the web designers.

1) Adobe Ideas: for its weight and widely used application of desktop, Adobe is very well known app. It is great when a company uses such straightforward innovative user-friendly mobile app. The toolkits of android users and the part of iOS appears to be the common part, which enables the designers to jot down the quick ideas and later can be worked with the help of photoshop or illustrator. One amazing feature of this app is, it is very convenient for sketching, especially the iPad version.

2) Adobe Shadow: one app which is much loved by the developers. A free testing of the website with the help of a Mac or PC is enabled by the free software. The main feature of this is, it allows the testing of mobile devices a lot faster.

3) Byword: a decent writing tool is most required for the people in the industry who spend most of their time in the crafting words, such as visuals and coding. Although many have different styles of working, in a simpler way many such apps exist to help the writers. A creative writing is one of the main tools of the best website. Many bloggers have given the good review about this app, and what they all say is “it’s a great app to post the variety of writings and provides the markdown support”. It also supports the boasts of iCloud and Dropbox-sync across Mac.

4) Dropbox: it is one most popular app among many and been reviewed as the best app from most of the users. Not only acting as the foundation to other apps, this also brings the documents to the iOS walled garden and help in sharing the files. Many clients share the feedback as “it helps them to share files and do a quick update on the device simultaneously”. This is one app which is more compatible with iPad and Mac, and any file can be accessed anywhere, even while on the move.

5) Evernote: evernote is a digital scrapbook and archiving tool which enables us to transfer all the information, and to store files of all manner. It is all stored in a cloud called “magical cloud of elephants”. With the most innovative ideas and inspiring stories every day, the app has been very popular among the people. Many developers claim that this is the only mobile app they use extensively. It is been used for client project notes, development projects in terms of roadmaps and ideas. It also supports to note down the project queries and if any meeting notes, can be noted down. Many students reveal that they can take notes, jot down random ideas and cam email to all at one place by clipping the articles.

6) Flipboard: this app converts our feeds into a digital magazine for iOS. For many designers, it’s a great app, as they get to see many inspirational sites and feeds. Flipboard is perfect to collate the things that designer would love to read managing every other feed. This app well-presents the feed in a manner it is eye-catching feed for the user. It allows easy skimming like newspaper presentation, and easily the unwanted can be excluded which is of least interest.

7) Harvest: it is well liked among freelance web designers as it comes with the facility of online time-tracking and timesheet software. It also showcases that the app requires something more than the mere connection to a service, like something which makes sense on the mobile, in turn, this enables people to be more productive. Many freelance web developers say that this mobile app mainly focuses the tasks like recording time and expenses, and the photos taken can be synced later.

8) iMockups: certainly, the biggest advantage of iPad is the sense of focus, essentially the device turns or becomes to whatever is being run on it. That means, with no distraction the app enables the user to get on with tasks quickly and efficiently. This app’s interface is simple multitouch. This is enabled to concentrate on functionality more than visuals.

9) Instagram: one of the most popular networking site or social media is instagram, it has millions of users and has arrived for androids too in 2012. It is the great place to start the business and start selling the products. As the users are more addicted to online cravings, instagram is one colorful app which attracts the customers with its vibrant features. With the help of this app, a web developer or designer can improve his brand and it’s awareness, without much effort it increases the traffic to our website with the power of visuals.

It is not necessarily used for work, but to broadcast the work-in-progress and other related images to twitter and blogs. Instagram has been a present market trend which used widely for marketing purpose. Wherein people can have their own flexible and inspiration galleries to look up to.

10) Liveview: many designers and developers create many projects for mobile. Apparently, they don’t create it for devices, which bridges the gap and dis-connects the vision of what is seen on mobile doesn’t actually equate with what has to be seen on mobile devices. Liveview is one app which allows to look after the graphics for Mobile Apps and sites.

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