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10 Superb Ways to Boost Conversions and Reduce Bounce Rate

Many a times, it happens that the customers, who visit your landing page, often bounce off without giving you a chance to convert them into consumers. Thus, such website owners struggle a lot to improve email signups, increase search traffic, acquire more clients and get more leads. If your website has a high bouncing rate, then the website and marketing of content seriously require a redesign.

To accomplish this, you must maintain tandem with 10 effective ways to minimize the bouncing rate and increase conversions simultaneously:

1. Enhance Content’s Readability

If your content has lack of readability, then the visitors will bounce off from the website. Make sure that your content is well-formatted to make the user understand what the content is all about. You can use bullet points to easily read the article.

2. Compelling Call-to-Action

After you have attracted the customer with an engaging and readable content; don’t miss the opportunity by a weaker call to action. The call to action must be appealing to the visitors, in order to compel them to click and explore the other side of the button.

3. Fresh Content

If you desire to yield the highest ROI, then a fresh blog/content can help you certainly. According to a research, companies that update fresh content, usually generate 126% more leads than others. Targeting the customers with a fresh right content will help you connect with your audience.

4. Keywords Targeting

It is generally advisable to target keywords that have the potential to attract high value traffic. All keywords are not equal. Hence, you must understand the difference between such keywords. The intent of your keywords must be informational, commercial, navigational and transactional.

5. Improve Storytelling of the Brand

Storytelling is beneficial to captivate the minds of the potential customers. This is the easiest way to connect to the audience in an emotional way as well as build loyalty among the masses.

6. Luring Meta Descriptions

The reason for declining click-through rates is the un-optimized Meta description. Meta descriptions are used by the search engines to determine what the page is all about. Hence, the description must be attractive enough to compel the customer to visit your website. Include keywords and call to action for better results.

7. Multiple Landing Pages

Creating multiple landing pages increases the click-through rates. Also, it is important that each landing page is linked to the home page and they are easily navigable. According to research, there has been increase of 55% in the leads for those companies who increased their landing pages from 10 to 15.

8. Speed up Page Load Time

Customers do not wait for a site to load. They just move on to another site. Hence, the slower the pages will load, the faster the bounce rate will increase. So, just look into the loading time and optimize accordingly.

9. Mobile Friendly Site

In today’s world, optimizing the website for mobile phones is very necessary. Whenever the customers visit your website on tablets, iPhones, and other devices, then your website must display in a proper manner. 95% of the customers use mobiles for visiting websites and other activities on internet.

10. External Links in New Windows

External links must not be open in the same tab, as this may reduce your page views. If a user clicks an external link, then to come back to your site, he will have to click the back button. This is sometimes very time-consuming annoying for the customers.


The bounce rate can be easily reduced with increased conversions, if one implement the tactics seriously and always come up with new solutions to target and attract the audience.