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10 Highly Competitive Tactics To Generate More Leads

How do you generate leads in a competitive landscape, when it seems as if everyone is doing the same thing? This task becomes even more challenging when you’re contending with competitors who have been on the scene longer, have more advertising dollars, or both!

You need to adopt lead generation tactics that work in the face of all this competition. You can get started by trying these ten.

1- Target Your Niche with Podcast Advertising

Rather than listening to standard, AM/FM radio, many people are tuning into podcasts. In fact, more than 50% of households listen to podcasts, according to Nielsen. Further, people who listen to podcasts tend to be affluent. As of this writing, there are more than 750,000 podcasts.

What does this mean for you? First, whether your business is brewing, baking, business development, or something else, there’s probably a podcast that perfectly attracts your target audience. Not only that, the people who create podcasts need advertising sponsors.

It’s really a win-win. You get better targeting than you ever would advertising on standard radio and television.  You spend less money to do so. Finally, the content creators get a boost as well enabling them to create more for their (and your!) target audience. This is a powerful off-page technique for driving traffic and engagement.

2- Create a Great Website Experience

It doesn’t matter if all of your techniques work, and people rush to your website and landing pages in droves. They went schedule sales appointments, subscribe, request price quotes, download free trials, or make purchases if they are turned off when they get there.

Your website itself should be your greatest lead generator. That won’t happen if your site is difficult to navigate, isn’t mobile-friendly, or otherwise fails to provide a delightful and personalized experience.

If leads are down, it’s time to take action to improve your web page. This includes:

  • Segmenting your audience, and personalizing your website for each of these.
  • Improving page load speed.
  • Creating a mobile-first experience.
  • Ensuring that contact information, directions, and other pertinent data is easy to access.
  • Adding customer testimonials, badges, and other trust indicators.

3- Use Great Content to Foster Leads

Great content is a lead magnet. When your audience believes that they can count on you for industry-relevant news and information, and product advice and insights, they’ll be much more likely to return for you when they are ready to move further down the sales funnel.

The key here is to create top-quality content, on a consistent basis. Lead generation should be informative, and appealing to decision-makers. This includes blog posts, ebooks, white papers, product demonstration videos, and tutorials. If you can attract influencers, you might even consider conducting an expert roundup. It may be worth the investment to use a service like Grab my Essay to create content that establishes you as a thought leader, and you should be able to generate useful leads. 

4- Start a Newsletter

Email marketing is still one of the best lead generating tools there is. Back your marketing emails with an informative, relevant newsletter, and you’ll be able to turn prospects into everything that’s good about your products and services.

Even better, when you send a prospect a newsletter, you reach them directly via their inbox. There’s much less danger of getting lost among a sea of social media updates and advertisements. 

5- Hold an Event

Hold a successful event, and you will generate great leads along with making some new contacts. Even better, the possibilities are endless.

Do you have local prospects? Rent a space for an evening, or use your own offices for a networking event. Hold a happy hour. Is your audience a bit more spread out? Hold an online webinar? Give your audience some useful education, and slip in a bit of information about your products and services as well. Many will want to further their relationship with you, and you’ll have the customer contact information you need for additional sales and marketing efforts.

If you’re a bit strapped for time and space required to hold your own event, tag onto another. For example, if you’re already planning to attend an industry conference or another event, create an add-on event of your own. Target some influencers and prospects, and invite them to an after-hours night on the town, or pre-conference breakfast. 

6- Build Live Chat into Your Website

Don’t lose sales or lead generation opportunities because your prospects cannot get the information they need quickly. When prospects become frustrated because they cannot find the answers to their questions, they’ll bounce and head to your competitors instead.

Add a live chat option to your website. This way, your visitors can simply click a button to ask questions, get product recommendations, even make purchases directly from the messaging screen. 

7- Give Loyal Customers and Brand Ambassadors an Incentive for Referrals

Word of mouth from trusted sources is more important than ever. The truth is that customers rely on one another, even more than brands, when it comes to making purchasing decisions. You can harness the power of this by creating an incentive system that rewards loyal customers and brand ambassadors for providing you with referrals. Even better, there are systems that use technology to help you track referrals, and pay out the agreed rewards.

One very simple way to do this is to simply generate referral codes for your clients to share with their friends, family members, and business associates. When someone uses the code, you can offer them a discount or gift, and pass on a reward to the referrer.

8- Master SEO

Simply appearing at the top of search engine results can help you generate leads like your competitors simply can’t. If you can optimize your website and content for the most desirable keywords, you’ll drive traffic to your website and landing pages.

How do you accomplish this? Yes, you include the desired keywords in your content, but that’s not all. SEO friendly content is informative. It answers your audience members’ questions in a concise manner. It’s also mobile-friendly. You might even try optimizing for local SEO, position zero rankings, or featured snippets. There are several top SEO strategies that could help your lead generation efforts.

9- Provide Personalized Summaries and Recommendations

Consider providing your website visitors, subscribers, and other prospects with a brief questionnaire for the purposes of lead generation. This questionnaire can be used to collect pertinent information about their preferences, goals, and needs. In return, you can provide them with relevant and helpful advice, recommendations, and targeted sales efforts.

10- Solicit Online Reviews and Testimonials

As mentioned above, most consumers research products and services by seeking feedback from other customers who are experienced with your brand. This is why earning positive customer reviews and testimonials is imperative. So much so that you should be working hard to entice your satisfied customers to share their thoughts.

Follow up with happy customers, and ask them to leave a review or to share a testimonial. Post links to these on your website and landing pages. Prospects will trust you more, and those testimonials will lead interested buyers to your door.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re struggling to develop fruitful leads, it may be time to ditch tired tactics in favor of something new. It’s the only way to get a step ahead of your competitors and connect prospects with your talented sales staff.



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