10 Secret WordPress Development Features You Didn’t Know Existed


WordPress Development accompanies such a large number of awesome features and is persistently evolving. A portion of these features may not get the consideration they merit and remain somewhat covered up. In this article, we will demonstrate you 10 awesome WordPress features that you likely didn’t know existed.

1. Show/Hide Things Using Screen Options

You may have seen the Screen Options catch on a few pages of your WordPress admin region. This Screen Options catch enables you to show and conceal things on the WordPress admin screen you currently viewing.

Numerous tenderfoot WordPress clients are uninformed of this element. It enables you to streamline your admin pages like post alter screen to meet your work process.

2. Move, Add, Or Delete Dashboard Widgets

As a matter of course, clients are diverted to the dashboard page in WordPress admin territory when they log in. The dashboard page has a few convenient shortcuts indicating diverse areas of your site.

These areas are separated into various boxes called dashboard widgets. You can tap on the Screen Options catch to show or shroud these containers. You can likewise relocate them to revise things on your WordPress dashboard.

3. Glue URL To Make Links In Visual Editor

WordPress Development 4.5 presented inline link-editing in the visual editor.

Numerous clients didn’t understand that as opposed to utilizing a popup to glue a link, they can simply choose a content and press CTRL+V (Command+V on Macintosh) to glue the URL. The visual editor consequently changes over it into a link.

4. Accessibility Mode For Widgets

We as a whole like that it is so natural to simply move widgets into sidebars. Be that as it may, for some clients it is difficult to relocate things utilizing a mouse or trackpad.

WordPress likewise accompanies a concealed accessibility mode for widgets. This accessibility mode makes it less demanding to include widgets without dragging and dropping the things.

Accessibility mode for WordPress widgets can be enacted by tapping on Screen Options catch on the Appearance » Widgets page.

5. See Themes Without Activating Them

Numerous clients stress that changing their WordPress subject will have undesirable results on their site. Their worry is veritable, that is the reason we arranged an agenda of things you should do before changing your WordPress topic.

Something you can do is to test the new topic without enacting it. Essentially introduce your new WordPress subject and after that go to Appearance » Themes page.

Take the mouse to the recently introduced topic’s thumbnail and afterward tap on Live Preview catch. WordPress will dispatch the topic customizer indicating review of your site utilizing the new subject.

6. Alter Images In WordPress

WordPress makes it simple to add images to your posts and pages. What numerous fledglings don’t know is that WordPress likewise accompanies some essential image editing features.

Essentially visit Media » Library page and after that tap on any image. From the image points of interest pop up, you can tap on the Edit Image catch.

In the image editing mode, you can trim, turn, and resize an image. You can likewise flip an image in level or vertical bearings. These image editing features prove to be useful when you have to rapidly trim or resize a huge image record specifically from WordPress.

For more points of interest, see our guide on the best way to edit, turn, scale, and flip images in WordPress.

7. Split Single Post Into Multiple Pages

Need to part an extensive post on various pages? Essentially include <!– next page– > tag in your post and WordPress will part it into two pages. Include the tag again in the event that you need to part it into more pages.

This element is especially useful in the event that you are composing an uncommonly long article and don’t need clients to look too much.

See our guide on the most proficient method to part WordPress posts into various pages for more points of interest on post pagination.

8. Insert Links, Videos, And Multimedia

WordPress naturally implants content from probably the most famous sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You should simply glue a URL from one of the upheld locales and WordPress will naturally install it for you.

Since WordPress 4.4, all WordPress locales have progressed toward becoming oEmbed specialist co-ops themselves. This implies you can glue URL from another WordPress site into your post and WordPress will install the post for you.

9. Shrouded Secret Options Page In WordPress

WordPress accompanies a concealed ace page for all your blog options. This page is concealed in light of the fact that clients can without much of a stretch foul things up here, so we don’t need you to utilize it. Be that as it may, you should look at it. You can get to it by going to this URL:


Supplant example.com with your own particular domain name. You will see a page with a considerable rundown of options. For more subtle elements see our guide on the concealed mystery options page in WordPress.

10. Markdown And Keyboard Shortcuts Help You Write Faster

Most WordPress clients invest more energy composition content than whatever else on their site. This is the reason WordPress engineers are continually endeavoring to enhance the composition involvement in WordPress.

WordPress accompanies an entire scope of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to compose quicker. Aside from these shortcuts, you can likewise utilize Markdown like arranging shortcuts. Simply enter the organizing shortcuts and WordPress will change over them into HTML.

Utilizing * or – will begin an unordered rundown.

Utilizing 1. or on the other hand 1) will begin a requested rundown.

Utilizing # will change into h1. ## for h2, ### for h3 et cetera.

Utilizing > will change into a blockquote.

You can likewise incapacitate these arranging shortcuts in the event that you need.

We trust this article helped you find some awesome WordPress highlighted that you most likely didn’t think about. You may likewise need to see our rundown of 10 WordPress modules that will rapidly enable you to get more traffic.

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