Every day millions of people around the world search a wide variety of things on the global internet. Most internet users love to visit visually appealing and professional websites. A website with obsolete design fails to woo the targeted audience and therefore its owner doesn’t get substantial business opportunities as expected.

So, if you are a website designer and looking for effective strategies to enhance the overall look and feel of websites, just follow the below-mentioned mantra:

1. Follow The Kiss Rule When You Design Websites/Webpages

Just ask a simple question to yourself: Would you like to visit a complex website which is full of auto-play ads, too many links to third pray websites, excessive popups? Definitely not. You must know that all individuals that land on your website every day, are not hardcore tech-savvy people. These days, people from different walks of life and age group are using the internet to find the required information, products, and services.

If your website is complex, it is possible that the majority of visitors will not use your website from the next time. You must always keep in mind that websites are created for the targeted audience, not for business owners.

So, while creating websites, follow the KISS (Keep It Super Simple) rule. Use only those design elements that make your website look different from others and promotes your business on the web. Avoid all needless clutter and ensure your website has enough white space. Cleanly designed website appeals visitors and encourages them to spend more time on it.

2. Uniform Colour Pattern Across the Website

Owing to the abundance of websites, web designers always remain under pressure to make experiments to create unique and attractive websites. In this process, they make several mistakes while using the colour pattern. It doesn’t matter you are creating a single page website or a site with multiple pages, the colour pattern should remain same across the site. It makes your site look exquisite and appeals the targeted audience. So, it’s very important for you to understand the proper use of different colours in website design.

3. Say No to Too Much Graphics

These days, visitors love websites with appealing images, videos, screenshots, etc. So, while creating websites, many web designers use too many graphic elements in an effort to make sites elegant. It doesn’t help the website owner in any way and repel visitors away. So, use only those graphic elements that add more beauty to your website and make it look different from other similar websites.

4. Clarify the Usability of Your Website on its Home Page

In today’s fast and modern world, visitors don’t have sufficient time to understand the purpose of your website. They will leave your site instantly if they don’t know the exact purpose of your website. So, while creating websites, create its homepage in such a way that visitors can immediately understand the purpose of your website, action he/she can take and key products/services. For Example- just see this screenshot:

(After seeing the image, anyone can easily understand that it’s a web development company)

Never force visitors to visit the different sections of your website. Trust my words, they would not like to deal with your brand if they are forced to do so. If this is a case with you, it will increase the bounce rate of your website and conversion goal will remain an unattainable dream until your revamp your website sooner or later.

5. Simplify the Navigation Path

Website navigation path is one such element that not only determines its usability but also scripts its success/failure right from the beginning. There are many visitors who don’t understand how to use a website if it has a complex navigation path. If they face problems while going from one page to another on a website, they leave it instantly and search for its option.

So, try to keep the website navigation path simple, straightforward and hassle-free. Design your website in such a way that visitors can easily sail through your website in a few clicks only. If possible, provide secondary navigation also to visitors on your website. It will help non-tech visitors to use your website easily and show interest in your offerings.

6. Use Standard Fonts

Fonts play a bigger role in to make your website a hit among the targeted audience. If you present website content in a font that is difficult to read without straining the eyes, visitors will prefer finding a replacement of your website. There are some website designers who use comic fonts while uploading the website content.

This is a highly unprofessional attitude which gives the impression (to the targeted audience) that you are not serious towards your business and online reputation. Therefore, you must use only standard fonts. They make the site content look vivid and clear. They don’t strain the human eyes. So, visitors love to spend more time on your website and read the available content.

7. Properly Place Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are those buttons that encourage visitors to take the desired action after reading the content. Improper use of CTA buttons negatively affects the performance of your website and you fail to achieve the ambitious targets of the web-based business. A website with confusing CTA buttons can make visitors unhappy and they can leave the conversion funnel in the middle without giving you any business opportunity.

So, before designing CTA buttons for websites, just contemplate the main goals the web-based business. Create clearly visible, bold and appealing CTA buttons and place it properly on your website. It will motivate customers to be a part of your conversion funnel and give ample business opportunities to you.

Final Words

The demand for visually appealing, clean and professional websites is increasing rapidly with each passing day. Due to the availability of a large number of websites, it is very difficult for a web designer to create unique websites at all the times. But, by following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily enhance the overall appearance of websites and win the trust of the targeted audience.

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