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Web Maintenance Services

Businesses with a vision of long term stability seek for Website Maintenance Company to cope up ongoing changes. The Web Maintenance Services India have become highly imperative to get hold of steadiness, availability and selling on continuous basis. With the ongoing changes in trend, design, search engine algorithms and guidelines along with the latest HTML and PHP, it has become highly difficult to maintain the website. Today when entire business relies on site, the regular web maintenance is essential for all size of business to keep on growing and to keep earning profit. At us, you get the team of professional web specialist that is expertise in maintaining and preserving the quality of your website.

Website Maintenance Packages – Starter

NO. Of Pages – Upto 4-7

Price Per Yearly (USD) – $99
   Price Per Yearly (INR) – 7,000 INR
Price Per Yearly (EURO) – 94 Euro
Per year for website hosting & email – $75
Service Tax Additional @ 15% – Yes
Website Maintenance Packages – Standard

NO. Of Pages – Upto 8 – 15

Price Per Yearly (USD) – $149
Price Per Yearly (INR) – 10,000 INR
Price Per Yearly (EURO) – 140 Euro
Per year for website hosting & email – $75
Service Tax Additional @ 15% – Yes
Website Maintenance Packages – Advanced
NO. Of Pages – Upto 15 – 25
Price Per Yearly (USD) – $199
Price Per Yearly (INR) – 13,000 INR
Price Per Yearly (EURO) – 188 Euro
Per year for website hosting & email – $75
Service Tax Additional @ 15% – Yes
Website Maintenance Packages – Premium
NO. Of Pages – Upto 25 – 40
Price Per Yearly (USD) – $299
Price Per Yearly (INR) – 20,000 INR
Price Per Yearly (EURO) – 283 Euro
Per year for website hosting & email – $75
Service Tax Additional @ 15% – Yes
Website Maintenance Packages – Platinum
NO. Of Pages – Upto 40 – 70
Price Per Yearly (USD) – $399
Price Per Yearly (INR) – 26,000 INR
Price Per Yearly (EURO) – 377 Euro
Per year for website hosting & email – $75
Service Tax Additional @ 15% – Yes
The Fundamentalist Of Website Maintenance

The website depicts a lot about your company to your potential clients and customers. A business gets to easily tell about the vision that you put up with and what exceptional quality of products you can deliver to them through website. A small downtime or interruption on site can directly affect your business profits. To keep flourishing you need to have stability and that only comes with constant maintenance just like you do for your car.

☞ To Preserve Security

The website is being targeted by countless malicious acts. This is something that one can’t run away from it. At us, our experts ensure that:

Website Confines with Latest Bug Fixes and Security Patches to Make Sure There’s No Leakage.
◆ Non Updating Of The Website Was The Biggest Reason To Hack And Gain Access
◆ To Avoid Entrance Of Trojan And Malware That Could Jeopardize The Client Privacy

☞ To Improve The Customer Experience

The site also needs to be updated with latest information or portfolio that creates a first impression for your business. Customer go online and click to website they go through in detail before availing any services.

Checking of broken links
◆ Analyzing redirection page
◆ Creating an effective contact form
◆ To remove any outdated information like names, phone number or price lists
◆ Improving navigation of your website

☞ Analyzing Search Engine Performance

Evaluating the search engine condition for your website to gain traffic and improving ranking factor. Here we deliver the consistent traffic to your website.

Reviewing The Existing Content
◆ Coming Up With New Content As Search Engine Prefer New Content Update
◆ Checking Indexing Status
◆ Finding Out Better Keywords To Improving Organic Traffic Flow

☞ Persevering The Informative

Making sure that all your information is up-to-date. Any sense of obsoleteness could make readers or customers uninterested.

Give users a reason to stay
◆ Preserving the relevant, interesting and share-worthy content that draws in revisits
◆ Providing the recent news and images related to your website niche
◆ Maintaining social media and newsletters

☞ Keep Your Website Running For Long Time

Today website plays many roles such as being educational, attracting and engaging customers, making sales pitch, payment gateway, closing sales and many more.

To ensure business website running smoothly and efficiently
◆ Bringing out user friendly experience without any glitch
◆ To ensure the interest of investors and customers
◆ To generate faith among clients’ overseas

☞ Backing Up Website

Website gets down because of several reason and though us one can easily restore all the information without any hindrance.

Complete backup of website on regular basis
◆ To secure all the customer data and information from getting lost

The Technology is constantly evolving and you need to make sure that you comply with all the latest guidelines. The web is growing and developing with latest algorithms and standards. By maintaining your website, the momentum and result you get is remarkable.

Keep Up With Latest Online Change

Updating your website on continuous basis and on right time not only improves the performance but also improves the conversion time. To make the right impression in front of thousands of customers with complete security, simply contact us through mail and phone.

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