Do you know what your business to grow with open tags? Are you aware on how to use them in social networks? The main idea of having content on a blog or a website is to get it read by many people and shared in the growing community. For this, Open Graph allows a webpage to be the best on the social network.

The Open Graph is the best known technology created by Facebook in the year 2010. This was done to actually facilitate the improved integration between the social networking site and other websites. In this, the social media sites can grow will while using the social meta tags. To grow on social media you can use various open graph meta tags that can help you to control the pages that you shared on social media while planning affordable Link Building. With the open graph meta tags, you can easily set the title, type, description, contact information, address, along with the location.

With the Open Graph protocol, you can easily enable the web page to become a rich object in social. With Open Graph, you can easily tell other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Below You’ll Read

a)- About Open Graph
b)- How Open Graph Tags Works In Search Engine Ranking
C)- Understanding Open Graph Meta Tags
d)- Impact Of Open Graph On SEO
e)- Why Open Graph Meta Tags Are Worth Adding?
f)- Benefits Of Open Graph Meta Tags

1- About Open Graph

The open graph itself is the best way to define things in a digital space and is often used in many Local SEO Solutions. This can be made up of places like cinemas and shops and other media like videos and movies. Open Graph data pass these details to the other social graph along with this, it gets presented.

Open Graph tags were initially created for social media networks which help the search engines to know about the content. However, if your social media content gets into search results then your Open Graph meta tags will not be a million miles away from the SEO meta tags. There is no evidence of direct Website SEO benefits in implementing Open Graph tags but there are some indirect benefits of doing it. This makes your content best enough to convert a number of visitors into email leads. With this, you can create an open graph type for a homepage:

<meta property=“og:type” content=“profile” />

If more and more customers like your content then you will see an increase in followers on social media. This will make your business get shared more with people. With the increased sharing, your content will reach out to more webmasters. This will attract backlinks on its own merit. This will help to boost your rankings naturally.

3- Understanding Open Graph Meta Tags

Facebook has several open graph meta tag types and here are some of the most important types that you must know:

a)- og:title
b)- og:url
c)- og:type
d)- og:description
e)- og:image

a)- og:title

If Facebook doesn’t find the og: title tag on your page, it means you can use the meta title instead. For this, it is important to keep in mind that the text shown on a Facebook feed is in bold and eye-catching. According to the professional SEO Experts, if your title is longer than 100 characters, it is better to let it down to at least 80.


<meta property=”og:title” content=”Open Graph Meta Tags: Important Things To Know” />


✔ More focus on accuracy and click ability.
✔ Keep it short as possible between 60- 90.

b)- og:url

This is how you can set the canonical URL for the page to share. This means you can easily define one page that all your shares will go to. It’s useful to make it happen to have more than one URL for the same content. In this, the URL is only visible in the domain.


<meta property=”og:url” content=”” />

Note: It is important to use the canonical URL as this works to connect data.

c)- og:type

With this, you can describe the kind of object you are sharing such as video, blog post, picture, or whatever.


<meta property=”og:type” content=”article” />


✔ Use article word for articles and website for the rest of your pages.
✔ Describe object types where appropriate.

d)- og:description

This metadata descriptor is similar to the meta description tag in HTML. This is where you describe your content and this shows on a search engine results page. This makes you below the link title on Facebook, unlike a regular meta description tag. It won’t affect your chosen SEO Packages and their solutions and it’s a good idea to make them compelling because you want people to click on them.


<meta property=”og:description” content=”Learn important features of Open Meta Tags.” />


✔ Use a better meta description that makes sense.
✔ Keep descriptions short and sweet.

e)- og:image
This is the most interesting Open Graph for many marketers because a picture always helps to stand out. This ensures that a particular thumbnail will be shown when your page is shared. It can be very helpful and used by several link building experts for your conversion rates and make sure you set the og: image.

<meta property=”og:image” content=”” />


✔ Use custom images for webpages
✔ Use your logo for the rest of your pages.
✔ Use images in the best ratio for clarity across all devices.

4- Impact of Open Graph on SEO

Businesses make online presence just to attract traffic and increase brand awareness. With the help of the best websites, you can see huge audiences coming from social media. When you add up open graph meta tags this will help to increase conversion which increases click-through rates hugely. Nowadays, experts also believe that people have know analyzed what is Link Building and how to use open graph tags. However, these tags won’t directly affect the on-page SEO but if you get them shared the post on social media it may make some changes.

5- Why Open Graph Meta Tags Are Worth Adding?

Open Graph standardizes uses this metadata within a webpage to represent the content of a page. Within this, you can provide details as simple as the title of a page or as specific as the duration of a video. These all pieces get fit together to form a representation of an individual page of the internet. When used trusted SEO Link Building Method and Open Graph meta tags come into the picture only then you can see open graphs’ objective is to allow great customization. In the most advanced link building strategies, open meta tags are mainly keyword-focused and they are all that speak about.

If these tags are not done in the best way then this can lead to the search engine defaults many times may not make some sense to the user or many serve the purpose completely. Open graph tags are very important which often get shared on media or built for social sharing.

6- The Benefits Of Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph Meta Tags are really important and this can help them is many reasons:

a)- Better synchronization with other sites.

With the help of open graph technology, you can webmasters actually turning the entire Facebook page into a single object graph. This can help them to make it placed easily on other websites. This is what makes it best liked or shared. The way you present the information makes you wonder can link building help and works best with the meta tags that are placed on the graph.

b)- Drive more traffic to websites.

The first thing that open graph meta tags can do is to organize the information on your page. This depends on which information you want to put forward and you can easily place a certain type of tag on it. You will be amazed to know how to improve website rank can be possible with the images. You can get the chance to even set the size of the pictures that you want to see on the web pages.

c)- Customized settings

Depending on the applications you use for your website, you can dictate different actions from your Facebook tags. This allows you to control the type of people to let see the information that you want to put forward. This makes it possible the targeting your audience by using accurate Local Link Building for SMB and to direct your money into a specific place.

d)- According to Groups and locations.

When you localize your casebook content that fits best to the interest of your target market. Using certain Facebook tags can help you to certain information to certain groups and locations that will be most relevant. This lets your webpage index your content so that it can be more easily found by visitors who are looking for your websites that also have a Facebook application.

Somewhere it is difficult to understand these tools however you are not alone in trying to translate these wide-open tools. The professionals have already done the research that allows you to sit back and create an overall strategy that is best to use.

You need to enter Open Graph meta tags that can be used correctly to boost your social media returns. In fact, expert’s Link Building Guide includes these meta tags that have been proven to increase click-throughs and attract more targeted traffic. This enables you to more accurately share content on your social media profiles, which is the most important part of a business content strategy.


Every website is different and they have a robust content management system with dedicated marketers, designers. With the use of open graph meta tags, you can become more fortunate. For most startups, Open Graph meta tags can significantly improve your click-through rate on social media. With LinkBuildingCorp.

you can see your business taking advantage of the content. To make your business enjoy the benefits of open graph meta tags, contact us at +91-9205356986 or get a free instant quote

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