How Someone Can Use Social Media To Promote Content?


We spend our hours of time researching about best ways to use social media to promote content in order to gain traffic and lead to business products. In the online world comma compelling content plays an important role to grab the attention of the users and converting them into a potential buyer. The objective of a content marketing is to make sure the best utilisation of writing material to reach broader market and to gain maximum awareness. Social media has become important these days because of the fact that user spend 25% of time on networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the list goes on.

Planning and developing an effective social media strategy sounds like a simple task but you need to understand the purpose of this platform and best approach.Here are some of the great tactic that you can use to utilise your content by promoting for your website.

Tip #1 Hold the Visual

If you think that by putting a text or a link you’ll be able to reach maximum users then you are absolutely wrong. A combination of a text and an image plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the reader in a matter of seconds. The engagement level is so high that many social platforms are coming up related to images only such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Tip #2 Headlines do Matter

Make sure that you come up with great appealing title for your blog or post because that serves a purpose of an interesting cover of a book. Coming up with pretty lame title no matter how great your content is will not capture the attention of readers in their Feed. Make sure that if you are sharing on social media just don’t settle up with one title rather, come up with fresh title is time you post because this creates the uniqueness.

Tip #3 Customise as Per the Platform

Each social networking is different and has different set of algorithms.You need to customise your title, description, image or infographic as per the platform for the broader reach in less amount of time. One can take advantage by hiring a SMO expert for the online business so that content do not sound repeating and entice reader to click.

Tip #4 Choose Perfect Time To Share

Simply records of pattern where user like to read or share most of your content. There are several analytical tools available at the dashboard of your page and profile. One can take advantage of this and record the best timing to share your content. It has been found that by doing so this is a high level of engagement and people prefer to share plus recommend your story to other.

Tip #5 You can Post Multiple Time

Just don’t apply to post a single content multiple times but make sure that there is a gap period of at least 3 days. Most of the user thing the Re posting of a same content brings down the engagement level well that’s not entirely true. You can post as many time if you think that the content is worthy to repeat and share over and over again.

Tip #6 Ask and Comment

Engagement does not happen from the user point of view rather most of the part has to be played by Business owner or blogger or author or administrator. This not only improves the content marketing it also improves the public relation with your target audience.This is one of the remarkable tactic that work on Facebook and helped businesses to strengthen their customers relationships.

Tip #7 Choose a Platform that you can Handle

There are lots of social networking site I’m going through each and every one of them is kind of a time consuming and effort demanding task. Do it is true that a number of social networking profile develops a huge chance to gain traffic awareness but managing them drive away your concentration from your core business. So at initial level, if you are working as a solopreneur make sure that you only choose best platform and in limited amount so that you won’t be able to drive away your concentration. By doing so, you will have a higher chance to get in front of your audience.

Tip #8 Become a Part of Community

You help others and other will help you too. That’s purpose of having a community aside your business. Majority of people does not understand that social networking sites almost like a community platform will people spend huge amount of time and reading, learning, purchasing and many more thing.If you want to utilise your strength, be a part of a group, forum or community as per your niche. This is an instant traffic generator tool wear your potential customers are right in front of you. It doesn’t even involve much effort and Google Plus community is an optimal choice to start with.

Tip #9 Take advantage of Paid Services

If you are a newbie startup and wanted to gain instant results or response then feel free to take advantage of pocket friendly PPC services because is greatly helps in providing you’re the first mover advantage by making your business sell more and more products in less amount of time. To reach potential client over social media does not required huge investment instead it is one of the most affordable marketing approach that even a Rookie can use. It has helped many bloggers and entrepreneurs to gain maximum sales lead.

In the end, it is you that has to take decisions to maximize your brand awareness by promoting your unique content. The only thing that will like to say where is- stop wasting your time anymore and plan to reach optimal height of success. Just make sure that you content is exceptional.

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