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Sell Online Like a Rockstar: Best Social Media Tips for Ecommerce

Almost all the time, starting entrepreneurs use social media to promote their products or services. Their promoting ways include posting publicity materials and other content, sharing it all the time, and even tagging friends, family, colleagues, etc.

This kind of strategy is very disorganized. You should learn the right ways and strategies in promoting your business online. It should be accompanied with proper planning, execution, and tools to convert your efforts into competent results.

Social media is a widely used channel nowadays for business, and it is generally used with a mobile device. Knowing information and techniques using social media can help your company produce more sales online. It is not always about the product and its characteristics that drive potential customers to buy, and it is how you creatively sell your product.

Table of Content:

Advantage of social media platforms
Using Facebook Messenger for easier communication
Have an active customer service online
Utilizing the New Instagram
The key to social media

Advantage of social media platforms

Different social media platforms have different characteristics and are best used for different purposes. Social media platforms also have their own set of audiences and have diverse ways on how to apply to your advantage as an online entrepreneur. When picking the right platform among several sites, there will be a perfect one that can improve your chances to make your business grow successfully. We will look at them one by one with each of their strengths and advantages.

1- Facebook is the most dominating of all social media platforms with more than two billion users around the world. Facebook also offers a lot of tools for advertising where you can promote your page or post to your target audiences at a meager price. It is effortless to use, and it can be a source of traffic for your business. Facebook is also a good page for engaging your customers and establishing an accessible web presence.

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2- Twitter is an excellent platform for advertising because marketing speeches are not required because communication is limited to 280 characters. Its interface is designed for real-time interaction with other users. You can also get a lot of engagement opportunities from other users by using hashtags. It is also an excellent platform for showing your brand’s personality.

3- LinkedIn is another platform you can use if you are aiming for Business-to-Business marketing or B2B marketing. It is a great site to increase your connection and communication with other companies or businesses. It is also a right place for getting up-to-date news from your industry and a perfect place for building partnerships.

4- Instagram is a special kind of social media platform since it focuses on visual contents such as images and videos. It is perfect for establishing your visual identity and brand building. Also, if you’re targeting younger consumers, Instagram is an ideal fit for you. More than 25 million businesses advertise their products on Instagram.

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5- Another visual appealing platform is Pinterest. The audience of this platform is mostly women in the US. There are multiple SEO angles you can use to drive traffic.

6- Lastly, Snapchat is another favorite channel among teens. It attracts large brands, and it uses a specific language in its interface.

Using Facebook Messenger for easier communication

Paying for premium accounts for Intercom or Drift is not necessary if you can utilize this tool for free. Facebook Messenger is a tool handy for engagement with your customers. You should put a snippet of it on your website for your visitors can easily interact with you.

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Facebook started a Messenger customer plugin to enable people to chat with businesses on their websites. With this, customers can easily contact the store for inquiries and clarifications. You may visit Facebook for the instructions about this plugin.

Have an active customer service online

Customer service online is necessary for every online business because you need to provide online support to your customers through social media. A key to excellent service for customers is solving a problem quickly that they may encounter with your product. It is essential for brands to focus on the mentions given to them by users and read every question, frustration, feedback, or review. After that, act on it by responding to the mention. Brands should allot time and effort into this part of brand building.

Utilizing the New Instagram

Instagram is one of the unique places to promote your online business. It caters to visual content, offers an easy-to-use interface, and equipped with an integrated platform that suits all your marketing needs. It started only as a photo sharing app for mobile, and now it accommodates one billion monthly users. With Instagram catering more than 25 million brands, you need to plan precisely to have an edge with several brands.

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Instagram stories are one of the innovations in the platform where it can significantly improve traffic and sales. You may use it to show stories about your business and provide a fun experience for your followers. If your account has 10k followers, you can link the product pages with the “swipe up” function. Story highlights can also be used when your followers missed your stories. With this innovation, you need to think like a storyteller. Instagram TV or IGTV is another new feature you may consider. It is a platform that shows videos in a vertical orientation. It was made as an alternative to TV and other streaming channels online.

The key to social media

Social Media can be utilized in many ways in e-commerce. It is all about connections, engagement, and relationships that you build along the way. Studies show that customers with a positive experience with the brand are more likely to convert to customers.

At the same time, users don’t want to see brands giving too much effort on selling their products. Great content and plan can pique their attention rather than brand pushing their sales per post. Your strategy must be efficient and planned out in a calendar, such as Planable. It helps you to plan every content, posting, and schedule visually.

Carousel ads are also a new feature for marketers. It gives them the opportunity to show their products and visually tell stories. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have this feature available.

Now with all these tips and tricks, you are all set to start your business on social media. Get to planning and posting, best of luck!

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