9 Tips To Create Viral Social Media Content For A Local Business


The role of social media marketing has become more vital in the present day scenario. With market needs being more dynamic and subject to rapid changes, many small and medium local businesses have resorted to this online platform for boosting their sale.

Following are the 9 best tips that are trending among the local businesses to help create strong social media content. These strategies will make content go viral in a couple of days.

1) Share Real Time Content

Local businesses are very much aware about the needs of their customers. By focusing on particular time period, program or event, a businessman can gather more audience by crafting real time content on Social Media like Facebook pages. For instance, cyber cafes, stationery shops or tuition or coaching centers can avail the opportunity in the months of November and March when students prepare for their exams.

2) Use Of Offers And Discounts

Nobody wants to miss the offers posted by the shops. Be it a tailor business or beauty parlor, you can promote your services by flooding Instagram posts or Facebook pages with info graphics making your customers familiar with the recent offers and discounts available in the market. Early bird discounts are the most loved by the buyers. Boutiques can come up with appealing offers especially on Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, etc.

3) Frequent Use Of Hashtags

Modern tools like hashtags have made it very convenient to track promotion activity of your products and services across many social media platforms. Most of the website links shared with your audience are ignored but hashtags help in starting the conversation. Local businesses like boutiques and salons can run hashtags such as #FastDelivery, #FullyAC and #GuaranteedSatisfaction.

4) Posting Videos And Pictures Of Customers Taking Services/Products

Another tip that may go long way in attracting consumers is to post videos and pictures of people taking a particular service/product. Local shops or businesses like beauty parlors, tailors and hair dressers can share videos and graphic based content on whatsapp groups, instagram profiles and youtube channels.

5) Catering To Emotions Of Local Public

Try to address the issues of the local public at the minutest level. The services and products sold by the local companies and manufacturers have to cater to the needs of the general public. Use of funny illustrations on the social media platforms that make people stress-free can promote your service more effectively. Find ways to make your audience happy by including emojis in your posted content on social media.

6) Satisfying Customers Through Incentives

One of the most important tip to create viral social media content is to satisfy them through various add-ons and incentives. This pleasant move will keep your fans and followers engaged and interested. Shops and small sized businesses can retain their customers by sharing various concessions that can be availed on timely basis.

7) Attractive Facebook Help Post Pages

Today, the reach of businesses in the local market has become more viable than was ever before. Due to connectivity the world has become a global village. Modern technology like Facebook local help post allows to expand a business irrespective of its location. Many coaching centers, restaurants, training institutes and boutiques have been successful in building an active community through Fb help posts.

8) Customer Reviews And Feedback Management

Undoubtedly, customer is the king today. Constant positive customer reviews and feedbacks will promote your services and products more effectively than any other campaign on the social media and vice versa will help you to improve. This is similar to traditional word of mouth publicity. The likes, reviews and comments on the Facebook or Instagram posts will definitely tempt others to purchase from your shop.

9) Giveaways Through Contests

The proven trick is to offer multiple prizes over multiple days for the winners by organizing contests regularly. Businesses should try to tap into what the local residents are thinking about. For obtaining better results it is advised to coincide your giveaway with a season, holiday or special event like Valentine’s or Father’s Day, etc. During such events, beauty parlors and salons can offer exciting rewards which in turn will generate more revenue by attracting more customers from the market.

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