How to Turn Your SMO from Zero to Hero


Search engine optimization (SEO) has come of age and is well-entrenched in the market thanks to the efforts of content and digital marketers. Now SEO is the most sought after tool in cost-effective marketing for ambitious businesses.

Showing similar attributes with an underlying social pull is Social Media Optimization (SMO) that became the new darling since 2017 as far online marketing world is concerned.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Unlike SEO, the action of SMO is on social networks as social media is crucially aligned to businesses and sales. On a given day, at least 3 billion people are active on social media and that is a huge market savvy audience.

The processes around SMO enhance the reputation of businesses by attracting online interactive communities. The social forums include not just Facebook and Twitter, but also cover blogs, forums, and all places where a business is discussed or linked socially.

Why SMO?

To strengthen the brand power and expand visibility, there is nothing like SMO in generating new leads that increase sales. The process builds familiarity and trust on a business as consumers see a brand mentioned and recommended by others.

Social Sharing Most Important Part of SMO

Doing SMO, should not be misconstrued as throwing links of a website everywhere on social networks. That is not optimization. The emphasis is on social shares as a genuine recommendation by a third party.

Google Hummingbird

The urgency of doing SMO as part of SEO or separately was also induced by the Google search algorithm updated called Hummingbird. It changed the way Google interprets search terms and gave a role to social factors as critical eligibility criteria in according higher rankings in SERPs.

Rationale of SMO

A well executed SMO will generate additional links for a website or web page and make it more visible on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

In augmenting the SMO touch, a website or landing page undergoes suitable changes in content, call-to-action message, Meta tags, and keywords. There will be an infusion of many media-rich elements to enhance engagement with the readership.

For SMO enthusiasts, we are sharing some social media optimization tips here.

1- Offer Shareable Content

More than the inherent merit, more attention will go to that content which has more people engaging it by way of liking, commenting and sharing.

The only way to trigger interest and retain readers’ attention is to make content more engagement-friendly, relevant to target audience with maximum impact. For that, the following steps can be tried.

a)-Write Persuasive Content: Always write compelling content that the target audience will enjoy. It must be published in a time-bound manner and if it stokes controversy it will enhance better user engagement.

b)- Add Content Regularly: Adding fresh content must be a priority as social media will archive published posts in just a few hours. By providing new content consistently, highest user engagement is assured.

2- Add Media-Rich Elements To Pages

Considering the pull of visual content, add catchy and appealing photos, embedded videos and infographics to your content.

Incorporating multimedia into content marketing will add more spice to social media. Such a strategy will turn the content exciting, and engaging for the readers.

a)- Make the Content Shareable: Make the content easily shareable and maintain a social share toolbar on your site. This will boost virality up to 700 percent, according to studies. Ensure that all content has a CTA (Call to Action) and place it strategically on the content.

Also use optimal posting times that can suit the target audience.

3- Discover Power Of Smo With Hashtags

Use hashtags profusely as they have become synonymous with a high degree of social media marketing. Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ can be seen using hashtags heavily.

4- Optimize Social Media Profile

Although making a social media profile is easy, the social media optimization part is often ignored. A profile will serve as a foundation to make a strong footprint on a social media platform. In making a strong profile, the following ingredients are necessary.

a)- Best Username is Company Name: To avoid confusion, use the company name.

b)- Profile Photo: Use company logo as a profile photo. Pick up another photograph connected to the brand and use it for grabbing the attention of the target audience.

c)- Cover Photo: This must beam the best message on what the brand is all about.

d)- Make the Bio Appealing: State the company’s mission in the simplest language and incorporate a link to the bio on the website. Use relevant keywords in the bio to boost up visibility.

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