In spite of the availability of different social media channels, Facebook remains one of the most influential social networking channels for both personal and professional users. If you use it correctly, good results can be obtained easily. If your website/blog posts have good visibility on Facebook, it is possible that Facebook users may react strongly to your brand and give you limitless business opportunities.

There are many social media optimizers who take all possible measures to make a solid presence on Facebook, but they fail miserably. Do you want to maximize your site’s visibility on Facebook easily and quickly? If yes, then read out the below-mentioned tips:

1. Create a Professional Facebook Page for your Website/blog

Before you start promoting your website/blog on Facebook, just create the Facebook profile in advance. Add a background image, logo, and avatar. Provide a description of your Facebook page and add contact numbers, Email Id, and physical address of your company. Write at least a few messages. Use tags in your posts so that search engines can find your account.

2. Make sure Your Facebook Page is ready for interaction

Facebook Messages can trigger lots of discussions! Make sure that your team is ready to interact with subscribers. Discuss with your team members how will you communicate with your subscribers. Respond quickly to comments and private messages. If you sell products/services/premium E-products, get ready to communicate with potential buyers in real time on your Facebook Page and on the website on which you sell. When you respond user queries in time, you can get the “Very Responsive to Posts” icon on your Facebook Page. Even if you did not receive this icon, Facebook will show you how quickly you respond to users. 

3. Add Key events to your Facebook Page

You must add “key events” to your Facebook Page and let users know about the biggest achievements of your business. For example, getting an award, releasing a new product, major events. All recently added events appear in “the information” tab and keep subscribers interested in your brand. They browse your Facebook page regularly to see new events.

4. Share quality content of your website/blog

The visibility of your posts on Facebook depends on the quality of the content. Always keep in the mind that the algorithms of Facebook filter low-quality posts so that users can see only the authentic posts. So, you must share only quality content on your Facebook Page. To create a quality post, you need to find useful, interesting, and relevant topics.

Write attractive text on it and add images or video to make it more emphatic. You can share useful content from your website/blog. This process can be automated by customizing the placement of new posts on Facebook. There is nothing wrong with the automatic publication of content, but the page should always be dealt with by a person who will communicate with the fans of the brand and add unique posts.

5. Share posts when most users are online

Unfortunately, the ideal time for publishing on Facebook simply does not exist. The choice largely depends on what your target audience uses Facebook for, what region you are targeting, what your posts are dedicated to and what tasks you set for yourself. So, find out when your most subscribers remain online and share content at that time. This will help you to get quick responses from users on the shared posts.

6. Meta description for blog posts

When a post is shared on a Facebook page, its meta description is used. The same description is displayed in the search results. If your blog entries do not have a meta description, Facebook uses the first available text, which can have a negative effect on the user experience. Always keep in mind that meta description is an excellent opportunity to sell your content to users. Your meta description should be attractive enough for users to click on the link and its length should not exceed 155 characters.

7. Use Infographic and Video Content to attract users

The new design of Facebook is focused primarily on visual content: images and video. In addition, posts with images receive 2.3 times more involvement than posts without images. According to the study, content with attractive infographic can attract more attention than any other type of content, accounting for 87% of all interactions.

That’s why publishing quality visual content is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your Facebook strategy. Place your best visual content on the page or make existing records more visual. To make your SMO success, use photos, videos, screenshots, infographics and other types of content. Ensure that your posts are attractive, informative, and relevant.

8. Use appropriate CTA Buttons

In December 2014, Facebook added a very useful feature: the ability to place a simple button with a call to action at the top of the page. Just add call to action buttons to your posts, such as register now, Call, contact us, Send a message, download the application, Play, Shop, watch videos, Send emails, etc. This will encourage visitors to get engaged with your brand and give business opportunities to you.

9. Confirm your account

Although, Facebook page verification is not mandatory in SMO. But, it will allow subscribers to know that your Facebook account is official. This is indicated by a blue icon in the corner.

10. Conduct quizzes from Time-To-Time

Facebook has a built-in function for holding raffles. You can get several thousand additional subscribers by conducting quizzes from time-to-time. Just make appealing quizzes and encourage subscribers to participate in it. This will boost the Facebook page relevancy in the eyes of Google and your website will rank well in its SERP.

11. Study the audience and run advertising

Learn more about your potential and current customers with the help of Audience Insights, which you can find on the left in the Ads Manager menu. Based on the data obtained, you can create accurate customers’ personalities, improve the content quality, run Facebook ads to boost user engagement and increase your post’s visibility on Facebook.

Final Words

Facebook is a great and surprisingly powerful Internet marketing tool. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can promote your products and services on the World Wide Web and get more business opportunities easily and quickly.

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