SEO VS PPC: What Are It’s Pros And Cons In Detail Approach


There’s been huge discussion on countless forum and digital platform over paid Vs organic marketing technique. Majority of startups often ask question- which one to choose among SEO and PPC? One must understand that correct answer is entirely depended on the current scenario of business in terms of marketing. As per our experience organic search do delivers more traffic as compare to paid traffic but it takes time. To make you endeavor correct course of digital marketing, here are some insight that one must consider before deciding on.

Does SEO Improve Your Organic Traffic?

Search engine optimization in your business website helps in generating more traffic for long period of time. Though it might take some time and efforts but in the end the result that you get is remarkable. If done correctly you’ll definitely get tremendous amount of:

Awareness In Search Engine With Targeted Keywords
Branding Visibility Among Online Users
Credibility And Trust To Your Online Business
Website Click And Bringing More Prospect
Business Impressions At No Cost Per Click
Return On Investment (ROI)
Sustainable Organic Traffic For Long Period Of Time
Improved Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Scope I.E. More Click Generate More Advertising
Strategic Advantage against your competitors

Despite the fact that it’s beneficial in long terms, the only cons with this strategy is that it can be slow to obtain better result as the efforts really tests you at search platforms. One need to come up with strategy to build lots of quality content that could gain strong online presence. Being informational, excellent backlinks and keywords can put your business portfolio in front of thousands of users.

PPC For Instant Results

Foremost reason that most of businesses look into PPC direction is because when they require immediate purchase inquiry and appropriate action from users. Generating hype through SEO is a bit time consuming mission and some of us don’t even have that much of time especially if you are planning to gain first mover advantage. The benefits through Pay Per Click is clearly listed below:

Listing On Top Position Of Page
Better Improved Ads
Visual Product Ads where user see and click
Rapid Brand Visibility
Flexible Budget spending
Speed i.e. faster way to get in front of customer
Accurate Marketing intelligence with Google Analytics
Stability i.e. any changes has lower impact and can be managed easily
Cost effective and maximum returns

Only drawback to this marketing strategy is that it requires continuous flow of investment and single interpretation can drive away your ads. Other that this, the bidding war with other advertiser can boost up the cost. For successful PPC, one need to learn about bids, quality score, click through rate and positions. One can take care of all these by hiring dedicated PPC experts in your house for perfect execution prior to any blunder.

So Should you consider between SEO or PPC?

The truth is that giving correct answer of above question is just not possible. It entirely depended on time, business goals, competition and requirement. If your business is having a little competition and you required few amount of leads then one can easily achieve this through SEO.

But if you need leads now let’s say for ecommerce purpose and to compete with other players then you need to be quick. At this time the importance of organic results become less and demand of Pay Per click rises up for enormous earnings.

The ideal act would be SEO and PPC

One must consider running PPC and SEO together for better results. Instead of depending on any one of them, it’s better to create an effective strategy by using the talent of both. By doing do, you get to create effective online marketing strategy that will generate more leads. Have a look over benefits of running SEO and PPC collectively:

One can create effective organic strategy through keywords and conversion data of PPC
One can get high traffic through both for better lead and awareness
Helps you to stay in front of competitors and engages your visitors continuously

Integrated approach helps in creating high growth marketing strategy by employing both paid and organic tactic. Even if one fails then other will be in practice that’s for sure. Choosing and depending any one among them will not be right, so better combine for perfect execution. This is something that most of the successful businesses do to stay ahead in competition and it’s time for you to reconsider.

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