Everything Tail

SEO Service by LinkbuildingCorp
Client Overview

Everything Tail is an online retail store that specializes in unique items for pet owners. The company had been struggling to gain visibility and traction in the online market and wanted to improve their search engine rankings. To help them achieve their goals, we provided SEO services that focused on optimizing their website and content to improve their rankings.


In order to earn more leads, revenue, and sales, we use search engine optimization techniques to boost their website’s visibility in relevant online search results. So to put it simply, SEO’s ultimate goal is to make their business grow online, and that’s what the purpose of SEO is.

The primary focus for the company was getting effective leads, a better position in the ranking, and an increase in business exposure.


1. We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy for Everything Tail that included optimizing the website content that helped them for better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

2. Enhancing the website’s technical structure, and carrying out keyword research for the company, has resulted in them getting more leads due to the improvements made to their website.

3. To help the website achieve better exposure to the business community, we created a targeted link-building campaign to increase the backlink profile of the website


There has been a significant increase in traffic to Everything Tail’s website within 2-3 months, and the number of leads generated from the website has also increased considerably. There was an improvement in the SEO performance of the website as well as in the rankings of website.
Additionally, more people were able to find their website through search engine results, which increased exposure for their business. Due to the increased exposure of their products and services to more people, the number of effective leads doubled.

Through these new Strategies we developed for Everything Tail, we were able to increase revenue and lead generation from their website.

Overall, our SEO services helped Everything Tail significantly improve its search engine rankings, capture more leads, and increase its business exposure.