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Facebook Decided To Permit Animated GIFs to Boost User Experience

Finally, Facebook has made its mind to allow the usage of animated GIFs in its page posts and ads. Mark Zuckerberg kept standing with the poor excuse that such things disrupt the user experience. But now, finally the old ban has been removed.


Twitter and Google+ supported GIFs also supported the GIFs. With the removal of such ban, you can now use the animated GIFs as an important aspect of your advertising strategy on Facebook.

Adding video in the News Feed Ads of Facebook generally boosts the post engagement by almost 3-5x, (approximately), but often the engagement is even more. It is studied that even a boring or stupid post can be made interesting through moving imagery, video or GIFs.

For example, you can use few lines to describe to describe your products and use a GIF. This will make the post look interesting and urge people to click it and see what’s exactly is inside the story. So, one can easily use his/her imagination to promote his products, by applying this technique.

You can have tons of video on Facebook, but the challenge lies in the effort and cost involved in producing a great video. The easiest way is to find animated GIFs on Google Images.

People literally love GIFs and even like and comment on them. Hence funny and original GIFs can significantly help and try to somehow align the same with your messaging. You can even create your own.

If you use GIFs in your Page posts and promote the update, then engagement rates will increase, which will in turn increase your Facebook Relevance Score. This will also minimize your cost per engagement by almost 5-10x.

To get started with GIFs for your company’s Facebook Page, you must know the following:

■ GIFs can only be used in Newsfeed Ads and Page Posts.

■ Attribute the creator, in case you use someone else’s GIFs in your advertising.