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Android App Development World’s Most Powerful Operating System – Here’s Why

All the businesses which are capable to deliver their products and services through the internet will never prefer to restrict up the mobile-friendly website design and development services, but I prefer everyone must have to go beyond it and try to get an exceptional user experience (UX) with the world’s most powerful operating system, Android app development. In several respects, the Android apps are winning over other smartphone operating systems.

With an occurrence of humble of technologies, the computing system has transformed an entire scenario of the globe. By the introduction of modernizing technology of mobile comp devices like the smartphones, tablets and so on – business firms have made the newer and technical opportunities in a term for making more sales.

Now an internet is accessible on all smartphone devices, and smartphone applications are delivering an outstanding user experience to rule in the hearts of every e-commerce shoppers.

According to the report, since the production, there are more than 17.37 billion smartphones sold in a worldwide market. Well, just spend a moment to predict “17.37 billion smartphones” it’s almost 3 times more than the population – that’s why an app is known as the best tool to boost your business’s income graph up, and Android is a most preferred operating system to use in around an entire globe.

It simply boosted the usage of mobile apps for business purposes, including an e-commerce. Hence, all the mobiles have dissimilar operating systems – it exists an enormous fragmentation.

• Apple Inc. supports iOS

• Google supports Android OS

• Microsoft supports Windows Mobiles

Let me tell you why Android is a most preferred operating system in whole around a world.

World’s Largest Ecosystem

During a starting phase of the smartphone era, Apple Inc. was ruling on the entire market, but time has been changed and with the introduction of Android app development services the status transformed from iOS and Android. Now it considers as the largest ecosystem in the term of numbers of applications in the world market. Consequently,

• Google Play App Store has more than 2.8 million apps and it resides at the peak of downloading apps too.

• The Apple App Store has more 2.2 million apps and it is residing in the second position.

• Windows Smartphone and Blackberry World contain trifling share for comparison to the both of colossus.

Suggestion: Such kind of mega ecosystem directs stability and grows the opportunities, so if you want to invest your capital then Android app development has a shiny future.

Market Shares of Burly Mobile OS

According to the report, there is more than 2 billion audience has purchased smartphones in 2017 across the globe. Below you can see the percentage of operating systems which installed on those devices,

• Android OS – 66.74%

• iOS – 31.46

• Windows Mobile OS – 0.73%

• Blackberry OS (Symbian OS) – 0.50%

Suggestion: As we can see, the huge number of smartphone operators is preferring Android OS – which make the business firms to leverage enormous audience by creating an Android app.

Developing Cost of App Development on Dissimilar Platforms

The cost of Android app development relies on the states and countries too. Let me show you some of the cheapest rates, but with the quality outsourcing hub.

• Cost price of basic apps – $1,999 to $4,999

• Cost price of complex apps – $4,999 to $7,999

• Cost price of custom apps – $9,999 to $17,999

The cost of iOS app development relies on the states and countries too. Let me show you some of the cheapest rates, but with the quality outsourcing hub.

• Cost price of basic apps – $4,999 to $7,999

• Cost price of complex apps – $9,999 to $17,999

• Cost price of custom apps – $19,999 to $39,999

Suggestion: A huge dissimilarity between the rates of Android and other OS platforms are self-showing that an Android app is more economical than platform’s apps.

Monetization of OS

The market researchers have given several comments about different operating systems. Let me give you two monetized researches which are completely based on fact.

• In comparison with iOS to an Android app – iOS get to sell with the huge profit margin. It happens due to the geographical supremacy of iOS in the United States and various other western countries.

• In Africa, Asia and several of Australia regions people have propensities to pay the lowest for the smartphone apps.

Suggestion: Consequently, Android apps have a dedicated way to earn revenue – its freemium Ads which has made it the triumph in that sense.

Wrapping Up

Hence, it’s proved how an android app development is surfing on a competitive edge of the market and why people are preferring it as a most advanced and advantageous operating system to develop an application on.

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