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Wake Up With An Idea To Earn Billions – All Planned

The word eCommerce follows me where I go. Don’t you think, human have rapidly become the part of technology and utilizing it to the best? Yes, I have thought about it, and I think now is the time for bringing my ideas to reality, thanks to technology and the world for such great innovation like eCommerce, AI, and many of them.

You can also do the same if you have great plans, services, and products that you can offer to people of the world at their fingertips. Yes, eCommerce is the platform that helps you to reach millions of people with one click. And all you have to do is implement your ideas, and bring them to reality. Of course, there are leaders out their offering services same like yours, so take inspirations from them, learn their steps, and take advantage of the latest technology. And believe me, that is all, and don’t doubt yourself.

This post will help you to understand what technology you can use and how to begin in the real world of e-commerce.

First of all, write down your thoughts and bringing them to one table, and most importantly know your resources. The next big step is knowing your business and competitors and compare websites, marketing strategies, and especially think as a customer to know their mistakes. By this, you will be able to develop a business platform that is unique, compatible, attractive, enhanced functionality, and move over user-friendly.

In today’s world, developing an ecommerce website is not at all hard work, and there are a number of software companies that will offer you great services at the competent rate. But, this is not the way you want to go, as you are looking forward to building a diverse platform. A website that meets every single aspect meeting everyone needs.

User-Friendly Application

Treat your guest with luxuries and follow their commands. Whatever changes, but this morality we will never forget. This is important to keep them happy and to have a good relationship with them.

‘’Big companies invest millions to develop a good web and mobile application’’

Suppose, you are a guest to my website and you are thinking to buy something. And, after using lots of slow and boring filters, you have selected the product, but you are confusing in between whether to buy or not. Then, you will want to see product details, and that is hidden somewhere down to some line that nobody will find that easily. This all functions can irritate you and you leave the site with all the bed ides. And you will make an impression of never ever visiting this site.

Don’t you think this is possible to happen? Yes, of course, so making sure the functionality of the site is good, you need to think from the side customers. you can try to implement different modules, keep changing the functions, compare your site to number one website and then come up with good ideas before presenting to customers.

Attractive Design and Layout

The first impression is the last impression. Keep it simple and readable.

‘’Good designs draw the attention of maximum users-80% of people’’

A few days back, I was exploring about a new car that was launched recently and I end up being on a website that had all the information about this car. I was very happy, but web designer just uploaded the information, with fewer images and which I personally didn’t like. In the next second, I left the website and started looking for another good website.

Do you think this problem is way more common? If yes, then make sure that you chose to design and layout that is liked by your customers and suits your business. To ensure this, you can analyze your business, study your customers, understand the psychological factors of shopping, and just don’t mix information that you think is good.

Here, you need to work with the company offering an open source development services so you can tell him/her exactly what you are looking for. This is just an idea that best works for me.

Latest technology

Update, update and update.

‘’76% of the user leave website, if it takes more time to load or response’’

Technology keeps updating, as we use. Innovators try to come with better solutions according to our usage data and they also take the effort to come with the simpler machine from complicated to cut down the cost of maintenance. By this, the user gets a more advance system and features.

First of all, by using the latest technology you are making your platform secured, responsive and faster. You might already know this, as we all keep updating our mobile devices for enhancing functionality and fixing bugs. Once you’re in digital commerce, you should definitely upgrade your system on a regular basis.


Digital commerce is a great platform for meeting a number of customers. You just have to choose the right look and feel for your website. Once you do that your business out there will make you billions.

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