Top Digital Marketing Strategies Without Spending A Fortune


Digital marketing is a complex term that spans on a wealth of areas, including social media, SEO, web design, web development and more. Local business owners might get confused because deciding on the right agency to carry out your advertising strategy is not that easy. The strategies are different from agency to agency, meaning that often times startup may choose to do is all by themselves.

Table of Content:

1. Make your website top-notch
2. Your website should offer rich, well-rounded answers
3. Social media must be used smart
4. Don’t ignore email marketing

How do you get started? How do you do digital marketing without spending a fortune? Read on to find out more on some of the best digital marketing strategies for your business.

1- Make your website top-notch

The core aspect of digital marketing is all about driving traffic to your company’s website. Treat it properly and you’ll reap a lot of benefits. Ignoring it and your business will sink before it even rises to the surface. Surprisingly, a lot of entrepreneurs these days still don’t understand the perks of digital marketing. Ignoring responsive design and not targeting your audience are the two core reasons prospects don’t convert.

For your website to gather convertible leads, it has to look impeccable on mobile devices. Studies claim show that 45% of people in developed countries use some sort of smart device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop) to access emails and read content. Nearly 60% open emails from their phones. It’s no wonder that digital marketing – as an industry – has increased in popularity. The whole idea of a beautiful website with quality content and nice design is to be able to convert a visitor into a call, or at the very least, email.

2- Your website should offer rich, well-rounded answers

How many times have you types a question is Google in the hopes of getting the right answer? Increasingly more internet users have turned to the web to get advice on a matter, check product reviews, or buy things. However, we’ve started getting tired of not getting the answers that we needs. To cater to that need, Google has begun introducing rich answers into its algorithms; the purpose is to provide precise, accurate results.

Local businesses should focus more on elaborate answers for the services they provide. Common questions like “What is liposuction?” should have elaborate answers. The idea is to prevent a visitor from exiting your site and moving on to another for better guidance.

3- Social media must be used smart

Digital marketing goes hand in hand with social media. Most local businesses don’t know which social platform matches their business goals. This is where digital marketing comes in. A core rule in online marketing is to have a target audience; it will help you decide which social media medium best suits your mantra. For example, if you have a business focused on digital photography, Pinterest and Instagram work well than Twitter. If you’re a skilled lawyer or business consults, LinkedIn and Facebook should be your focus, not Pinterest.

As far as posting on social media is concerned, it’s very important that you understand the importance of having a voice. Communicating with prospects is fundamental if you want to make them trust you. Don’t overload them with empty promises, promos and specials. Keep your ideas focused and your email campaign targeted.

4- Don’t ignore email marketing

Email marketing has come a very long way. Done right, your emails will get to the right people and they won’t end up in spam. It’s not a very good idea to do automated lead generation in bulk without targeting your audience first. When you write content that is not relevate, the reader can relate to that content (meaning that they will close your email and mark it as spam).

To summarize, all local business should take a good look at their website before jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon. Make sure it’s effortless to navigate. The content has to be fresh, easy to understand and informational. Spice it up with infographics, current data, images, and videos to make it stand above the crowd and exude originality. If you can’t do it all on your own, consult with professionals, or at the very least, check the web for advice. There are lots of accredited courses of online marketing that you can take (for free) to help you monetize your business and succeed.


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