The holiday season has arrived with Halloween gone by and Black Friday and Cyber Monday just the next week and if you haven’t started thinking about your holiday campaigns now is the time to start. Consumer’s searches and purchases increase during the holiday season and who can resist the displays, the discounts and the urge to indulge in some retail therapy while everyone else is doing the same?

Businesses have the opportunity to attract customers, influencing their purchase decision and ultimately drive sales. Digital marketing can help you boost in-store and online sales. The idea here is to tweak your usual digital marketing campaigns to reflect the holiday season. However, you need to be sure that you do not change the look or the message so much that people won’t be able to recognise your brand. You can hire digital marketing agency to plan out your marketing campaign for the holiday season.

Here are some options of utilising digital marketing for your holiday campaign.

• Design Themed Landing Pages

At the point when consumers tap on your holiday advertisement, they hope to be directed to a holiday-themed web page where they can see the seasonal items. Your homepage, as well as other landing pages, could utilise a touch of holiday spirit. You do not need to do an overhaul, which will cost and time and money to implement but changing a couple of design elements or including a holiday slider or header picture would be able to convey the desired effect. This will not only keep your customers on your site, browsing and buying but will also enhance their experience.

• Use Email Marketing

SEO companies in Melbourne say that email is still a very relevant marketing channel so utilise it your advantage. Send emails to your customers, both past and present as it is a great way to attracting conversions and maintaining consumer engagement. However, you need to ensure that you have an up-to-date email listing as using email marketing with this list for your holiday campaign can be remarkable. Your email campaign should promote specific offers like coupons, free shipping, customer service availability and layaway options. In order to make your email campaign a successful one, have an aspect of interaction or a connection such as designated call-to-action, whether it be to explore a product range, sign u for more information or opt-in to an offer.

• Paid Advertising

During the holiday season, many people browse the web for presents for friends and family, venues to visit to get into the holiday spirit or search for restaurants offering holiday meals. With this spike in interest for such products and services, it would be a great idea to dive into the paid advertising market. To target consumers through paid advertising for holiday season, there are multiple avenues, but the most significant one if Google AdWords which allows you to promote your business through any of the Google’s platforms or services.

However, when you are in the paid advertising market during the holiday season, you need to update the keywords with holiday shopping key terms in your ad copies. For example, if you are running a restaurant, you may consider using “turkey Christmas meal dinner” or “luxury traditional dinner” as these key terms in your PPC ad copies will generate huge amounts of traffic to your website. It is advised that first you research for the best keywords, check what your competitors are using and then make your ad copies and also test them to see what works best for you so that you can maximise your spending.

• Involve Social Media

Just as you need to update the keywords, you also need to add new holiday-themed information to your social media pages. Social media doesn’t cost anything, making it an n ultimate service for promoting business campaigns. You can post holiday themed photographs of your products, especially the ones that are visually appealing on Facebook and Instagram. However, if you are selling something that doesn’t easily lend itself to visual media, you can still come up with great images and ideas. The only stipulation here in the holiday season is that you need to post shareable material that others will want to show their friends and family.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to make the holiday season a success for your business.

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