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The scope of digital marketing in India is very great!! As by 2020, there could be up to 4 lakhs vacancies in digital space? Recently the Policy Commission has made it clear in one of its reports that in the coming time, millions of digital jobs will be available in digital space. A career in Digital Marketing is quite amazing and if you have the confusion why should you choose this field, you must read this article.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing of product or service using the internet, computer, and electronic media. It has become the most popular field of the current time as it is helping people in different ways.

Businesses can easily reach their target customers in a short span of time, they can advertise in front of the people they want. Also, it has given a vast opportunity to small businesses to prosper more.

Digital marketing includes different channels and methods to market a product such as- Social Media, Paid Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and many more.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The Scope of digital marketing in India is growing exponentially day by day!! It is the most demanding field of current time, there is even no need for its introduction. However, if you are thinking about what is the future of this field, your bigger confusion can be cleared with some facts-

According to the Latest Google Report,

● 650M+ Indians will be connected to the internet by 2020 out of which 500M will be connected via Smartphones.

● 70% of Internet Users are bypassing Desktop and accepting Smartphones.

● 4G data will be consumed more than 5 times than that of 2G and 3G data (Combined).

● There is 133% growth in Mobile Data Consumption.


● Google found that, For 84% of Internet users, the Internet is for fun while 83% believe that the Internet is a Primary source for them and 77% people say that it is a preferred method for them.


● According to s Survey, 65% of Internet users under age 25 and 58% of users from age 25 to 34 use the Internet on a daily basis which shows Internet is popular among younger age groups.


● 33% of the consumers buy from a different brand leaving their known brand only because of the information provided about that Brand.


● There are an estimated 1.3 billion people registered on Twitter which is a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves.


Opportunities in Digital Marketing

From this one course of Digital Marketing, you can be prepared for 15 major profiles in this field. Some common profiles which are found in almost every company are-

● Digital Marketing Manager/strategist/analyst/executive/ Digital director

● Search Engine Marketers

● Search engine optimizer

● Content Marketing Manager

● Content Writers

● CopyWriters

● Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

● Web designer

1. Digital Marketing Manager/strategist/ analyst / Digital director:

It is supposed to be the highest position in Digital Marketing Jobs. The role played are different according to the different size of the company. He plans and looks after all the digital marketing strategies.

For a Digital Marketing executive post, you can apply as a fresher but for director or manager’s post, you need to have an experience of 5 to 7 years.

2. Search Engine Marketers

Their main task of Search Engine Marketers is to analyze, plan a bid strategy, keyword research and plan ad copy. They drive traffic from paid search ads. This position is required in big agencies as in small agencies, the Digital Marketing executive or manager handles it.

Generally, companies also higher freshers for this post but the established big companies prefer the candidates who have an experience of several years.

3. Content Marketing Manager

A Content Marketing Manager is responsible for look after all the content going on any Digital Platform. He manages all the content writers and copywriter’s works and instructs them which type of content is required and when should it be delivered.

Generally, there is no experience required for this job. However, if you have some skills and certification in Digital Marketing, it would be quite helpful for you as a fresher.

Social Media Marketing Expert/ Executive / Manager

A Social Media Expert is responsible for all the posts and variety that are going on a Social Media Platform. Advertisement on Social Media Platforms and postings are look-after by the

4. Social Media Expert.

The only requirement for Social Media Marketing Expert is the creativity of the mind. If you are creative enough, there is no requirement of experience here.

Now, it’s your concern that in which field, you want to work, explore your excellence of this field and choose one of them for your career.

5. Web Designer

A Web Designer is responsible for the appearance of a website. The amazing websites that you come across while surfing on the internet are created by them. A web developer or designer designs, codes and modify a website to make it appealing and user-friendly as well.

Here, sufficient knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS and web programming is strictly required for the job.

Fields which You can Work In

In today’s era, a Digital Marketer is a higher preference in every major company. They hold their own importance in a company as it is the digital marketing team which is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of digital marketing material.

After digital marketing, there are a number of places where they are required such as-

● Digital marketing agency

● E-commerce company

● Country and Foreign Online Shopping Websites

● Service providers companies

● Retail companies etc.

Salary Scope for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a demanding field of current scenario and experts are less. Companies are providing a good salary to these experts and if you have some extra knowledge or overall view to this field, you can get ‘what you want salary’ in this field.

However, the general idea of salary in Digital Marketing is given below –


Position Salary
Digital Marketing Manager Rs 191,783 – Rs 1,159,600
SEO Manager Rs 159,911 – Rs 878,122
SEM/PPC expert Rs 216,388 – Rs 728,848
Social Media Manager Rs 178,894 – Rs 713,771
Content Manager Rs 222,891 – Rs 994,161
Content Writer Rs 120,272 – Rs 479,995
Web Designer Rs 107,080 – Rs 522,133


Hope these Data is enough to tell you what a bright future is waiting for you if you choose this field. You can simply join a Digital Marketing Institute for learning. Also, go for an Internship as well as it has great benefits. Give a start to your career in Digital Marketing’s direction and see what you get in return. All The Best!

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