Travel articles and blogs have become the most searched niches on search engines. But, as you know this industry is too competitive, therefore, it is important that you get professionally written content. This helps to attract an audience. Professional travel writing solutions are available to put all the information for the customers who love to read travel-related stuff.

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As the name suggests, travel writing is a genre of writing that involves writing about varied tourist places, information to note, what to see, and other topics that encourage a tourist to visit that place or hire the solutions offered by a specific travel operator. Majorly, it encompasses nature writing, outdoor literature, travel memoirs and guide books. Here businesses must keep in mind that this kind of writing is very creative. Hence, outsourcing these solutions is not an easy task. A writer involved with this genre of writing must have a creative writing flair, apart from possessing the skills of persuading the target customers. Your sales pitch in the content should be very unique and engaging. Any sort of content that forcefully pushes the readers to travel is a strict no-no. You ain’t getting conversions this way.

How Travel Writing Services Is
Beneficial For Your Website Growth?

The major purpose of writing travel related content is to create an awe-inspiring vision of exotic locations in the minds of the customers. Once the purpose is successfully fulfilled, the readers and target customers get pumped up to visit the said place or avail the said solutions. Eventually, the travel vendor gets more visits on his website and become able to convert more leads. Enthusiastic, encouraging writing that is also optimized for the search engines, can help you reach out to global customers, sitting at your workplace.


For Small Websites

Upto 5 Blogs
Blog Writing Package cost (Upto 500 words)
Cost Per Blog Content $14
Billed in advanced every months
 1 Time Revision Per Blog Content

$70 Per Month


Small to Medium Websites

Upto 10 Blogs
Blog Writing Package cost (Upto 500 words)
Cost Per Blog Content $12
Billed in advanced every months
 1 Time Revision Per Blog Content

$120 Per Month


Medium to Large Websites

Upto 20 Blogs
Blog Writing Package cost (Upto 500 words)
Cost Per Blog Content $10
Billed in advanced every months
 1 Time Revision Per Blog Content

$200 Per Month


For Large Websites

Upto 50 Blogs
Blog Writing Package cost (Upto 500 words)
Cost Per Blog Content $8
Billed in advanced every months
 1 Time Revision Per Blog Content

$400 Per Month

Why Should You Choose our Travel Writing Packages?

Within just a few limited words, one cannot explain a traveler’s thought, especially in case, the writer is a newbie or not experienced in writing for travel industry. Hence, you should always hire a vendor, who assures you of creative seo optimized travel content within the best rates possible. This is why we always suggest travel companies, operators and others to choose our packages that are specifically created in line with the travel business needs. We have a talented team of writers that understands exactly what you need, in order to top the online search charts.

How Our Travel Writing Packages Deliver Value For Money?

Writing travel guest posts is easy, but getting them approved in authoritative sites is tough. Choosing our packages is a deal worth entering into. We do not charge an unfair price, and this is something that you will self-experience, once you go through all of our packages. As mentioned above, each of our packages is designed keeping in mind the varied requirements of your business and your budget. Further, our packages consist of different activities/ tasks that make up for the best value-for-money package. Have a look –


Features Starter Standard Advanced Premium Platinum
Blog Writing Plan 5 10 20 50 100
Price $70 $120 $200 $400 $750
No. of Words Per Blog Upto 500 Words Upto 500 Words Upto 500 Words Upto 500 Words Upto 500 Words
Keyword Allowed 2 2 3 3 3+
Meta Description
Duration 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days 12 Days 20 Days
Proof Reading Check
SEO Friendly Blog
Cost Per Blog Content $14 $12 $10 $8 $7.5

Not Sure About The Best-Fitting Package Option?

Now when you have actually landed at us, you must focus on picking the most fitting package that fulfills all of your business and budget needs in the most genuine manner. Although all of our packages are tailor-made as per your requirements, yet it is obvious that you cannot afford to outsource all of the packages. This is why we are here at your solutions to help you find the perfect package that matches your monetary and business needs, plus commits a profit-oriented results that boosts your ROI.

So, what are you waiting for? We have the right package that serves you in the right manner. Many a times we have observed that business owners do not really understand how to select a package. This is why we help them select one of our packages by analyzing their business needs.

Struggling To Build
Brand Loyalty?

Is your online travel business suffering from these problems –

  No brand/ customer engagement
  No returning customers
  Poor content with no sales pitch
  Poor online visibility

Do You Know ?

“Rich culture, people, cuisine, attractions and so on, the travel content is a mix of several factors that eventually attract the attention of targeted customers. However, if your content fails to provide all such elements in a single content and that too with a creative and engaging flair, you won’t be able to stand as ‘unique’ from the rest. You will become just another travel company that does provide tourism solutions, but is, in no sense different from other vendors in the market. So, if you want more clicks, queries, conversion rate and higher rankings, investing in quality written travel content is the ultimate saviour.”

Crucial Travel Writing Facts

The ultimate need to communicate and engage with the audience is motivating travel business owners to invest in quality writing that actually drives results. Here are some facts justifying why writing personalized travel related content is all what you need.

  57% of travelers believe that tour companies should provide tailor-made information as per past behaviors.

  26% of travel searches occurred on mobile devices last year in the fourth quarter.

☞  30% of customers are likely to pay more for personalized experience.

These facts clearly indicate that businesses must prioritize travel content, as it is the major pillar for an online business in today’s world.


If your article doesn’t have the potential to attract readers, then it is simply a waste piece of words. Therefore, we follow a perfect approach that aims towards driving up your readership. Honestly speaking, travel writing is not that easy as it might appear to be. The write-up should be informative, eloquent, unique and stylish at the same time. If you put a lengthy informative passage before your readers, it would be great from education point of view; but, it may not be very helpful in boosting your readership. Hence, we make the content not just informative, but also interesting to read with a light sense of humour.

We are the perfect outsourcing partner for you, who could transfer your experiences into magical words that help your reader get persuaded by your brand and follow the same. In simple words, we help you achieve success and reach to your audience via authentic content. We also help you relate to your audience in a friendly and conversational way.

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