EX-IC Overview

EX-IC is a leading online IC distributor and seller in China and it desired to boost the ranking of its keywords, in order to increase the website’s online visibility, sales and revenues.


To promote numerical keywords and rank at the first page.


Whatever be the type of keywords, we make sure that they improve in their ranking within a short frame of time. Therefore, we designed a strategy, in which all of our team members joined hands for improving the website ranking. To accomplish this, we applied different SEO techniques, written engaging articles on the keywords, linked them to the website, shared the articles on social media and so on.


As a result of our SEO activities, we achieved applauding results, in terms of ranking improvement. Within a short period of 6 months, we were able to rank the numerical keywords on the first of Google. We made sure that the SEO activities and content is done on every keyword. Therefore, almost all the keywords found a good position in the search results.

From The Client

We were quite unhappy with the stagnant sales of our products. Our keywords were not able to rank at the first page, which was the major reason why a major chunk of our potential customers were out of our reach. But, hats off to the team at LinkBuildingCorp; they made it possible for us to target more customers, improve the website and keyword ranking and also improve the sales