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Useful Tricks to Increase Reach on twitter and Facebook – Part 1

When you create a content and share it on social networking sites, you expect that a number of visitors would come, like it and share it. But, normally it does not happen, if the reach of the posts is not up to the mark. You might estimate the potential reach on your post by calculating the number of followers. But, actually, the actual reach shows you a different picture. The number of visitors, who actually saw and liked your post, determines the potential of your online reach. Hence, to gain an edge in the online market, it is very important to make sure that your post reaches to a major chunk of your audience and the engagement gets a boost too.
So, if you are looking to escalate your reach on different social sites, then here’s how:

A) Twitter

The best way to boost the reach over twitter is:

1. Offers and Discounts

Most of the companies leverage some real-time moments or events that boost engagement and reach. If you post something related to the current award shows or other events that are in trend, you may see instant results. But, it should be noted that the posting time should be according to the time of your audience, i.e when they are active. If you wish you can automate the posts related to such events

2. Using Videos and Images

Another and one of the most useful tricks is to utilize varied images and videos with your tweets. Videos and images greatly attract one’s attention. Thus, more and more people would visit your post and might like it as well. It is generally recommended to maintain consistency while posting the posts.

B) Facebook

The best way to boost the reach over Facebook is:

1. Targeting Tricks

To increase engagement and reach, it is important to pay attention to the way you target your audience. What you can do is, you can target your posts depending on varied languages, location, demographics, relationship status or anything else. People will surely like your post, if they feel related to it. Precisely targeted posts provide a fruitful output.

2. Utilizing Facebook Posts

One of the great ways is to utilize the Facebook posts and embed them in your content. This way, every visitor will be able to go through the content and also see your Facebook post that is embedded in the content. According to a few blog posts writing experts in India, utilizing the Facebook posts in the blog is a great way to attract several eyeballs to the content. It becomes a great way to promote your Facebook post and the blog.

Experiment and Attract the Audience

This is not the end. There are a number of tricks through which you can improve the reach and engagement on your posts. You just need to do a little bit of experimenting each time and wait to see the results. Who knows, your experiment strikes thee bull’s eye and you explore a new way to attract the audience. Just make sure that you give proper attention to posting time, post length and the type of post.


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