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App Store Optimization (ASO) is a way of ranking your Application on the play store and raises it to the top of the searching. Here we will discuss the ASO aspects that you have to keep in your mind before launching any of the android apps. Here I have put some tips which will definitely help you to boost your App Marketing Strategy.

Understand Customers and Competition in Market

If you hope that more and more customers use your App then first you should understand necessary and what users or customers exactly wants than after you can make a useful application that will satisfy to your users or your customers. Here some of the Questions that you may ask yourself for the better understanding of customers and market competition situations

» Language Use by your Customer Naturally

By this Question you can know the language which customer uses, then you can use that particular language for your App if possible, to make your App more friendly to your users or Customers.

» Customer’s/Users’ reasons for downloading and using your App

You should think and works on this part very seriously, This is actually your topic what is exactly about it, Functionalities of your App which more reliable for users and actually necessary for all the users for using your App. Because of this, this is very important part of your analysis before launching your App.

» Competitive Advantages

You should sound about competitive advantages of your App because on any of the technology or any topic there is high competition in the market today. You should have put some unique and different functionalities in your app which are actually differentiate your App rather than other Apps to attract Users/Customers to use your App only.

» Keywords do Competitors target

This is necessary for stand in the market against your competitors, Keywords are the heart for any of the optimization either it might be Search Engine Optimization or App Store Optimization or any else. It is important to survey your competition to know exactly which keywords have been targeted for the Application which is already available similar to your Application. You should target that type of keywords which are exactly for your App, used by your users / Customers, that also the competitor’s target, This one is also a powerful aspect for the ASO and you have to be very Sound about the Keywords.

» How can you compete against the App which are on the same Keywords?

About this you should think to do easily optimize your Application and compete against the Applications which have already available in the market and have same features and functionalities as you Application, In this scenario you have faced a problem with the key-words because, in other Applications that have same as your Application has already used the same key-words as like you, You have to optimize your App and gives fight back to your Competitors. You will have to decide if it makes more effective to rank in the top you App, for highly competitive keywords with a Lesser Search Volume. Avoid to your research process with tools.

Choose the Right Application Name

The Unique name is not just matter for the branding or ranking, but For best result of App Search Store, you should include the relevant keywords with the title of your Application. As used this type of title this text has heavily factors into the ASO result. As per the survey in top 25 ranking positions find apps with relevant keywords in the title ranked, on average 10.3% higher than the Apps which are not included relevant keywords in their title.

You can set the title of your Application in the App Store up to 255 Characters, which allowing for the Keyword Phrases or Plenty of Keywords. Don’t take this as an opportunity to stuff the keywords in your title. Titles are truncated after 23rd Character in the App Store and 30th Character in Google Play(Include Space). Application titles for installed Apps in devices navigation menu truncated after 11th Character and home screen truncated after 14th Character. Keep the actual name of your App should be Short, You can augment this name with keywords which are not necessary after the name put by a dash or vertical bar. Use only URL friendly characters in your title, the Special symbol will avoid from your ASO strategy.

Maximize your keywords

There are different strategies applied to different platforms. Here we discussed Google Play Store and App Store.

☞ App Store

App Store limits you for the 100 characters Keyword field, in which you can use Title, Keywords or keywords phrases. It’s very necessary to use all the allotted characters and research your keywords to increase your Application Traffic.

☞ Google Play

Google play store limits you same as the App Store but it gives more space than App store and it is 4,000 characters. It does away with the tags and scans your Application’s description to your relevant keywords. Google play store has approached more exactly similar to modern SEO.


Description is one of the necessary things for your Application, You have to use simple language and words in your description which should be explainable for the users and also easy to understand by the users, You would not use too higher vocabulary in it, otherwise it might be tough for users, and also your description should not boring but interesting. With the use of description, you can attract your customers and you saw that they will meets their needs with the use of your application. The first 2 to 3 lines of your Description will grab reader’s attention. You have to show the advantages and benefits of your application to your customers by the description first.


The Icon of your application is the impression of your application. With every new application you have to stand out with the unique Icon. The icon should be clear enough for it can immediately convey what your Application is about. If your Icon with the unnecessary words and logos then it demands for extra time of your users, and many users would not like this and they will definitely like stop to use your Application. If the Icon of your application is attractive then customer at least open your Application for a once and then they will know your app. App store and Google Play both have designed different standards for the Application Icon, In this both defined ideal size, colour scheme, and many others factors.

For IOS the size of the Icon is defined as at least 1024×1024 Pixels, From there Operating System automatically resize your Icon size for the different uses like, For the application Icon size should be 180×180 Pixels, for the navigation Icon the size should be 66×66 Pixels, the Icons which are using on the tab bar their size should be 75×75 Pixels etc.

For the Android Operating System the Icon size is defined by 512×512 Pixels. This OS is adjusted automatically Icon’s size and colour shading and lighting.

You can create a best and effective Icon with the bright colours, Unique Shapes, and simple image. Some Icons uses words and some drop shadow to make them pop. It is necessary to do a competitive research to ensure that your Icon will different enough to avoid having your Application confused with other applications of your competitors.

Videos and Screenshot

Videos and Screenshots of your live Application are the more powerful thing to attract your customers than the description and all others things, From these visualizations, customers or users can easily understand that how to use your App and what is the use of your App.

For this visualization App store and Google play Store has designed different rules and standards like, You can upload up to 5 Screenshots in IOS App Store and you can upload up to 8 Screenshots in your Android Play Store.

Increase Traffic

You have to remember that On-Page SEO is the only tool in your mobile marketing, and that is where your SEO knowledge will be comes in. To have more traffic, built an online presence your App with content and Social Media and also you can investing in online advertising.

An App indexing is a process of making Android App or IOS App content searchable from Web-Mobile or Web-Search. App indexing allows you to drive downloads and App-store traffic from directly search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Regular Updates

The customers who are using the mobile App they are always looking for the Update of Apps and waiting for some new and unique features and solve the previous Bugs if there exists. You should update your Application continuously as per the customer’s Reviews. Always Updated Application’s reviews are better and higher ratings than the previous one. There are mainly three strategies which can help you to sell your every new update.

■ Entice your customer within your Application

Frequently notify your customers or displays on main navigation about to use a new updated version of the Application, also notify from new updates, features, and improvements for which they look forward.

■ What’s New Field

On all the updates of an Application updates the Description and include What’s new Field which tells your customers about New Features of your Application which are not in the previous version of it.

■ Maintain Reviews

Maintain large volume of a five Star reviews for new Updated App. Because most of the customers check rates and reviews first before download any of the Application. If your Application has a large amount of the five star ratings then that can helps you to more downloads.

As per Survey of top 500 top ranked Applications we have found that the average frequency of updates of an Application between 30 to 40 days. Frequently updated IOS Applications higher App Store Rank volatility and Android Google Play Store reduced Rank volatility.

Ratings and Feedback

As per the survey we have got result that most of the customers check Rates and Reviews of your Application every time before downloads that Application. Because of that you have to maintain large amount of the Rates and Reviews of your Application. If you saw any of the negative reviews for your Application then from just next movement you should solve that problem about that review and gives best of yours to your customers. The collaboration between Ranks and Rating is highest than any of the other factors, Because we say that rank of Your Application is much more dependent upon the rating of the Application.

The Application with the highest rating Count keep their customers and customers reviews are the road map for the Updates of the particular Application. Keep in mind that, Application’s reviews are just about the satisfaction of the customers who uses the Application. From this factor, you can decide that either customer love or hate to use your Application. With the use of intelligent rating prompts you can boost your Application’s ratings and also the rank of your Application.

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