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How Much Time Does Content Marketing Strategy Take To Execute?

Coming up with effective content marketing strategy requires lots of time, effort and understanding of business niche. Majority of bloggers do ask us a question that how much time does it actually take and sometimes they are so eager to get possible results that do not understand the gravity of their own assignments. Today we are bringing you some insights that’ll help you understanding and developing effectual content strategy for yourself or several clients.

Strategy Requires Planning

To develop an effective content strategy, you first need to come up with plan and that requires precise research. It’s more like you scheduling to reach somewhere but how you are going to reach there? Now that requires preparation. There are several SEO factors that you need to concentrate first that includes:

• Keywords Research- Finding Out Most Common Key Phrase
• Analyzing Your Business Niche And Competitors SEO
• Evaluate Whether You Need SEO As Full Fledge, Local Or Location
• Better Develop New Approach To Your Business Instead Relying On Same Old Theory

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Effective Blog Posts writing Technique

Most of you might think that blog could be of any size apparently this is not what search engine algorithm thinks about it. As per the research, correct size of the blog should be of 500 words and its need to be constantly every day. Otherwise you won’t be able to get any rank, traffic and might lead to high bounce rate. Below are some factors that you need to consider:

• Length Of Article Should Be Of Atleast 500 Words
• Make It As Informative As Possible
• Optimize Content With Accurate Keywords And
• Do Not Copy Or Repeat Same Content Over And Over Again
• Keep on updating your blog sections with fresh articles
• Develop an intriguing headline that seizes the attention of user
• Do not mention anything that your blog doesn’t delivers

If you are new at this then better you enroll with professional writer for limited time to kick start your journey.

Focus on Premium Content

Premium content are basically long form content that are written on the basis of research paper, facts and figures, disclosure of information, proof of evidence, etc. readers loves reading these types of content and also prefer to download in the form of PPT and PDF.

Come up with content topic with indepth information that users prefer to read to add value to their knowledge. Writing this type of content can takes more time like 5 hr for 2000 words (depending on our experience) but in the end it’s all worth it.

Do not Neglect video

Implementing video in your content results into better engagement to users and also makes your SEO content more productive in the eye of readers. Besides, it has been founded that more than 70 percent of users gets better understanding of case studies or product if it’s explained through video.,.

Today we have plenty of online platforms for filming and putting short video presentation and then merging into your blog post. A piece of advice- do not create hour lengthy video instead create 5 to 15 minute as no one has entire time to see.

Also Invest in Social Media Marketing

If you think that your blog is worth reading than why not use every means to get more traffic? After the search engine comes the social media platforms and one must not neglect its importance for content marketing and promotion. Today people spend huge hours of time in reading blogs, news, social feed, watching pictures, video, etc.

Email Marketing To Retain Interested and Existing Customer

Thinking of this as futile then here are some of the important facts that’ll tell you about its profitable nature.

• 90 % of online consumers check their email on daily basis.
• 70 % desire to receive commercial communications via email only.
• Email marketing can be useful in promoting business content to existing customer and send relevant message to audience.

Never Forget To Analyzing and Reporting

Once you have created a content and implemented then make sure that you never stop learning and analyzing. This is something that most of the people don’t prefer to do. You must understand that by analyzing your own web content, you’ll be able to find out your own mistakes, better strategy, gap and improvising further. One must spend atleast an hour in week by seeing the performance of your strategy.

Overall Time for a Content Marketing Strategy

If you keep the above points carefully the average time will require is approx 70 hours in month but do note that this is based on our experience as time may rise and fall depending on your project size. If done correctly then it will help you to generate more leads and sales than you can ever imagine. To many people, your organization will look more relevant and will generate credibility.