Top 6 Ways To Find Job Vacancies


Students who have graduated from university or colleges, they start making plans for building their professional career. However, very soon they realize that it is not easy to find a good job. A strong academic background and skill set is important because many jobs often require a strong networking. Networking within any industry is a useful way in finding new jobs. Unfortunately, many job seekers don’t have a network. So, they find difficulties in getting a job they have qualified for. But you don’t need to worry about. Here in this article, I will discuss some tips which will definitely help you in landing your dream job.

1- Online Job Vacancies

Companies list current job openings on their website. So, if you are thinking to join some particular companies then you can visit their website. There is a career section in almost every website where all the current openings are mentioned. Just go through it and apply for the one which best suited for your skills.

2- Local Newspaper

It is a great way to find all new jobs. The local newspapers have job sections where some companies advertise their job openings. Many employment newspapers are also available which are published on a weekend or in a fortnight. You can also check them as they have a number of jobs which can match with your educational background.

3- Recruitment Agencies

There are a lot of recruitment agencies which publish their job vacancies in newspapers, on their own website and on some reputed employment websites. All you need to do is to register with these recruitment agencies to apply for the job openings. Usually, registrations are free because the agencies are paid by the employers.

Sometimes these agencies contact you via phone call or by sending an email. Agencies are the effective way to find jobs which are not advertised publically because some companies don’t hire candidates directly. They prefer to recruit through these recruitment agencies.

4- Contact Employers Directly

Cold calling employers are also a great way to grab a job. Approaching an employer directly will allow you to target a job that matches your qualification and skills and it often leads to a variety of job opportunities. Many job vacancies are often filled by the friends or relatives of the current employees or by the candidate who has contacted the employers directly.

5- Job Fair

The job fair is organized by companies, recruitment agencies, colleges or universities to provide opportunities to skilled candidates. A candidate can attend a job fair to grab opportunities. Plenty of companies are there where you can apply for a job.

6- Others

Professional or industrial journals are the good resource to find job vacancies. You can purchase it or can borrow from the libraries. Some journals are available on the internet also. So, this was all about ways to find your dream job.

Well, there are lots of job portals which offer a great coverage of search job vacancies. You can also rely on those job portals. In this concern, Monster Philippines would be a great option for you if you are searching for a job in the Philippines. It is a leading job portal which connects job seekers with relevant jobs to build a meaningful career.

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